EXCLUSIVE: Samsung Galaxy S24 FE Aluminum Dummy Leaked

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EXCLUSIVE: Samsung Galaxy S24 FE Aluminum Dummy Leaked

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Samsung's Galaxy FE phones have had a hard time proving their worth lately. They're meant to offer more features than the budget A-series phones but still be cheaper than the top models.

Now, the Galaxy S24 FE is stepping up to this challenge. It needs to impress customers by finding the right balance between price and features. While rumors are just starting to spread, today we get an exciting sneak peek with leaked images of the S24 FE aluminum dummy, thanks to our collab with David from @xleaks7.

Samsung Galaxy S24 FE (back) / Image: Teleprompter.com


As seen in the leaked images, Samsung has opted to ditch the rounded sides in favor of a squarish design, similar to this year's S24 series.

This shift gives the Galaxy S24 FE a more modern and streamlined look.

The back of the phone is straightforward, featuring a triple-lens camera setup and a flashlight. This minimalist approach highlights Samsung's focus on both aesthetics and functionality.

Samsung Galaxy S24 FE (front) / Image: Teleprompter.com

The front of the Galaxy S24 FE has fairly thick bezels, with an even thicker chin at the bottom. The phone features a punch-hole front camera and an ear-speaker at the top of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S24 FE (right side) / Image: Teleprompter.com

Samsung Galaxy S24 FE (left side) / Image: Teleprompter.com

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 FE will measure 162.06 x 77.36 x 8.05 mm.

Compared to its predecessor, which had dimensions of 158.0 x 76.5 x 8.2 mm, the new model is slightly longer, wider, and thinner.

This subtle change in size reflects Samsung's efforts to refine the design while maintaining a comfortable and sleek form factor.

AI Features

There's also the burning question of which AI features will make their way to the Galaxy S24 FE, and how they'll stack up against those in Samsung's flagship series.

Last year, Samsung wowed us with AI innovations like the enhanced camera capabilities that could recognize scenes and optimize settings in real-time, along with smart battery management and personalized assistant functions.

Given Samsung's commitment to delivering top-notch AI experiences, it's hard to imagine the S24 FE missing out on some of these exciting features.

Release Date

According to David's source, Samsung is planning to release the Galaxy S24 FE smartphone in Fall 2024.

However, there are also rumors suggesting that the release could be postponed to early 2025.

This uncertainty adds an extra layer of anticipation, as fans eagerly await to see when they can get their hands on the latest addition to the Galaxy FE lineup

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