How can I improve my eye contact with the camera while using Teleprompter?

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Enhancing eye contact with the camera during recordings is crucial for creating engaging and professional-looking videos. Here’s a quick guide to help you maintain better eye contact:

  1. Read Lines from the Top: Aim to read the script lines as they appear at the top of the screen rather than waiting for them to move towards the middle or bottom. This technique helps keep your gaze closer to the camera, simulating more natural eye contact.
  2. Remove the Top Bar: By eliminating distractions and moving the content upwards, you can focus better on maintaining eye contact.
  • Go to Playback Settings within Teleprompter Settings page.
  • Find and enable the “Hide top bar while scrolling” option. This adjustment removes the top bar on the record screen, allowing the script to move up, which helps keep your gaze aligned with the camera.

Quick Tip: Practice makes perfect. Spend some time getting used to this setup before your final recording to ensure comfort and natural delivery. By following these simple adjustments, you can significantly improve your eye contact with the camera, making your recordings more engaging, natural and personal.

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