Elgato Prompter vs Phone Mounted Teleprompters

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October 18, 2023
Elgato Prompter vs Phone Mounted Teleprompters

The landscape of digital communication is continuously evolving, and at its core lies the endeavor to bridge the gap between content creators and audiences. Teleprompters are pivotal assets in this endeavor, aiding in delivering crisp, clear, and engaging content. Among the vast array of teleprompting solutions, the Elgato Prompter and phone-mounted teleprompters with’s software have carved a niche, offering a blend of functionality and ease of use. This comprehensive analysis delves into the salient features of the Elgato Prompter and explores how’s software, tailored for iOS and MacOS, impeccably integrates with it, thereby amplifying the teleprompting experience.

Elgato Prompter: A Seamless Teleprompting Solution

The Elgato Prompter transcends the realm of conventional teleprompters, encapsulating a suite of features that augment the interaction between content creators and their audience. At a price point of $279.99, it is distinctly crafted for streamers, rendering script reading and live engagement an effortless endeavor​. The device’s compact design is meticulously engineered to synchronize with a wide array of camera lenses, courtesy of the step-up adapters it comes with, thereby ensuring a broad spectrum of compatibility​.

One of the hallmark features of the Elgato Prompter is its profound integration with the Stream Deck, which furnishes control and adjustment options at the user's fingertips. This facet makes it a plug-and-play device that is straightforward to set up and operate, catering to both novices and seasoned streamers​​.

The 9-inch display, harmonized by beamsplitter glass, infuses a natural feel into script reading or engaging with Twitch chat, making interactions seem less scripted. It has the capability to mirror any computer window directly where your camera is positioned, aiding in maintaining eye contact with the audience while navigating through the script or chat​​. Moreover, the Prompter is powered directly by a computer and can display video scripts or stream chats utilizing Elgato’s free Camera Hub software. Its versatility extends to mirroring any window or application, like Zoom meetings, with a simplistic drag-and-drop action, embodying a versatile tool for diverse teleprompting scenarios​​.

Price and Compatibility: Points to Ponder

Investing in a teleprompting setup necessitates a thorough examination of costs and compatibility. The presence of an extra iPhone or iPad can tip the scales in favor of a traditional teleprompter rig paired with’s software, rendering it a more economical choice. Conversely, the absence of an additional iOS device makes the Elgato Prompter a valued investment.’s software is synonymous with versatility, meticulously crafted to offer full-fledged support to the Elgato Prompter. It facilitates a seamless connection via USB-C on both iOS and MacOS platforms, underlining a seamless teleprompting experience. This interoperability accentuates the versatility of our software in harmony with Elgato’s robust hardware.’s Software: A League of Its Own

The software from transcends the basic teleprompting needs, ushering in a realm of enhanced functionality and user-centric features. A notable aspect is its operation sans a teleprompter rig when recording with the phone's camera, always displaying the text close to the camera to maintain eye contact with the audience. This feature is a boon for content creators on the move or those with a constrained budget, ensuring that high-quality content delivery is not compromised.

Furthermore, our software is laden with customization options that cater to the varied needs of users. Users can tweak the line spacing, toggle the text to auto uppercase, and even alter the font to suit their preferences. A noteworthy mention is the support for the OpenDyslexic font and Bionic Reading, catering to individuals who face challenges with reading. These features not only enhance readability but also ensure that the software is inclusive, catering to a broad user base with diverse needs.

The software also unveils a plethora of remote control options, offering the liberty to control the teleprompter using another iOS device, presentation remotes, Bluetooth keyboards, foot pedals, game controllers, or even a web browser on any other device. This extensive range of remote options accentuates the convenience and flexibility, making it a superior choice for a broad spectrum of teleprompting requirements.


The Elgato Prompter epitomizes a one-stop solution for individuals seeking a straightforward, reliable teleprompting tool. However, if an extra iOS device is at your disposal, opting for a less expensive rig and capitalizing on the potent features of’s software emerges as a more cost-effective and equally proficient alternative. This not only satiates your teleprompting needs but also unveils a realm of enhanced functionality, ensuring that your teleprompting experience is nothing short of exemplary. Through the lens of versatility, functionality, and user-centric features,’s software coupled with a phone-mounted teleprompter or the Elgato Prompter stands as a testament to the innovation in the realm of digital communication, paving the path for captivating and engaging content delivery.

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