5 Steps to Create a Video Pitch for Investors in Minutes

Teleprompter Team
January 30, 2023
5 Steps to Create a Video Pitch for Investors in Minutes

Video pitches are one of the best ways out there to get your ideas in front of an investor. However, they’re also one of the most stressful. They require confidence and no small amount of planning to succeed. Otherwise, you risk a lackluster presentation that should put your ideal investor off from your product.

That’s why today we’re going to take a look at the steps to create a successful video pitch so you can stop stressing and focus on landing that investment.

How to Create an Investor Pitch Video


1. Start With the Right Equipment  

Before you even begin writing your first video pitch, you have to consider your equipment. Because let’s be honest, no investor is going to take a grainy webcam from 2013 and a crackly microphone seriously. These are professionals we’re talking about. If they see you’re not investing in your own presentation, what are they going to think about your startup?

That’s why a quality camera and microphone are essential to recording your investor pitch video. An entry-level DSLR and USB microphone can go a long way. 

2. Know Your Investor

When you pitch to investors, you have to understand who they are. There are two primary types of investors

  • Angel Investor - Angel investors are independent, wealthy individuals leveraging their own net worth to make an investment. They typically prefer to invest during the initial or pre-seed funding round for a company that’s looking to raise first-time capital. Research their past investments and align your video pitch to their preferences. Pitching to these investors means showing them the direct path to seeing a return based on future possibilities. Show them your potential.
  • Venture Capitalist - These are institutional investors that operate as part of a partnership. They prefer series A+ funding rounds but are big investors looking for big returns with investments surpassing $1,000,000.

Look to pitch to VCs after the seed round. Prove that you’ve established yourself and you’re ready to scale your business further - you just need their investment.  Regardless of the investor you pitch to, do your research. Find where their interests lie, and who they’ve invested in in the past and why. Arm yourself with this knowledge, and tailor your pitch to that information. 

3. Write a Strong Opener 

A key part of making any investor pitch video is grabbing your audience’s attention, especially when presenting a business idea. You need your audience to be excited and engaged with what you have to say. So, always start with a strong opener. Take the most compelling point of your pitch, and lay it down right at the beginning.

You don’t have to elaborate on this opener, and can always explain the statement further later in the interview. Doing that will keep your audience hooked and waiting for the payoff. However, this approach means the payoff should be good.

When you write a pitch for investors, try designing your opener to appeal to how and what they can expect in return - not how great the idea is. 

4. Be Ready to Answer the Big Questions  

filming a video pitch for investors

Assume your investor knows nothing about the project - even if they’re known to do their research. So, when designing your pitch, think back to your high school days, and answer the 5 Ws. For pitching videos to investors, these Ws are: 

  • Who are you? 
  • What are you raising funding for? 
  • Where is the funding going? 
  • When can the investor expect returns? 
  • Why should they care? 

Stick to these questions, and answer them with supporting information. For everything in between, put yourself in the investor’s shoes, and think about what more they would like to know. 

5. Keep it Short and Stick to the Script

Time is money. No one lives by this saying more than a serious investor. An investor only spends an average of 2 and a half minutes on an investment deck. That means there’s no time for meandering. Shoot straight and get to the point.

So, never design a pitch to last for more than 5 minutes. If they’re not hooked or at least interested in that first half, your chance of succeeding is going to drop dramatically. 

To this end, don’t wing the pitch. Script it out before you record and utilize tools like the Teleprompter app to make it land. Having a script that you control in front of you while you record will help you focus on appearing professional and confident on cameras rather than scrambling for the right words. 

Enhancing Your Video with Storytelling Techniques

preparing investor pitch video

Storytelling is a powerful tool in an investor pitch video, as it transforms your presentation from a mere showcase into an engaging narrative that captures the essence of your business. By weaving your business idea into a compelling story, you make it relatable and memorable for investors.

Start with the problem you're solving, introduce your solution as the hero's journey, and highlight the positive impact your business will have. This approach not only maintains investor interest but also emotionally connects them to your vision, increasing the likelihood of investment.

The Role of Visuals in Conveying Your Message

Visual elements play a crucial role in enhancing the clarity and appeal of your investor pitch video. High-quality images, infographics, and animations can help break down complex information, making it easily digestible for investors. Consider incorporating visuals that reflect your brand's identity and values, as this consistency aids in building trust. Additionally, visual data representation, like charts and graphs, can succinctly convey important statistics and projections, reinforcing your business case without overwhelming the viewer with text.

Feedback and Iteration: Perfecting Your Pitch

Before finalizing your investor pitch video, it's essential to seek feedback from trusted advisors, peers, or even a segment of your target audience. This process provides diverse perspectives that can uncover areas for improvement, whether in the clarity of your message, the effectiveness of your visuals, or the delivery of your pitch. Embrace this feedback and be willing to iterate on your video. This iterative process is key to refining your pitch, ensuring it communicates your business idea clearly, and resonates strongly with potential investors.

Distribution Strategies for Your Investor Pitch Video

Once your video pitch is polished and ready, strategizing its distribution is the next critical step. Utilize multiple channels to maximize its reach; this can include email campaigns targeted at potential investors, social media platforms for broader visibility, and professional networks like LinkedIn to connect with industry influencers.

Creating a compelling introductory message that accompanies your video can also make a significant difference, enticing recipients to view your pitch. Tailoring the distribution strategy to your audience and platforms can significantly enhance the visibility of your pitch, making it more likely to reach and engage the right investors.

Wrapping up: Crafting Video Pitch for Investors

So, before you make your next investor video pitch, keep these tips in mind. Gather the right equipment. Research your investor. Craft a strong hook. Answer the big questions. And most of all - get straight to the point.

For help landing your next investment pitch, use Teleprompter to appear confident and knowledgeable in front of the investors. 

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