DIY Teleprompter vs Professional Setup: Which Is Right for You?

Teleprompter Team
September 29, 2023
DIY Teleprompter vs Professional Setup: Which Is Right for You?

Are you a content creator looking to enhance your on-screen presence? Are you faced with the decision of whether to invest in a professional teleprompter setup or opt for a DIY solution? We understand the dilemma, and in this blog post, we'll help you navigate the choice between a DIY teleprompter and a professional teleprompter setup. We'll also explore cheap teleprompter setups and simple teleprompter setups to ensure you make the right decision for your content creation needs.

Understanding Teleprompters

Before diving into the comparison, let's clarify what a teleprompter is and why it's an essential tool for content creators across various industries. A teleprompter setup is essentially a display device that aids in delivering scripts seamlessly on camera. It allows you to read from a screen while looking at the camera, creating a more engaging and authentic connection with your audience.

In a professional teleprompter setup, you have dedicated hardware designed for this purpose. It includes a prompter glass that reflects the text, a sturdy frame to hold the glass, a cover to prevent unwanted reflections, and a secure platform for your camera.

The Advantages of a Professional Teleprompter Setup

Professional Teleprompter Setup

The primary advantage of investing in a professional teleprompter is its ability to maintain direct eye contact with your viewers. As the text is reflected on the prompter glass, it appears right in front of your camera lens. When you read your script, your eyes naturally focus on the lens, creating the illusion of genuine eye contact. This connection enhances the authenticity and credibility of your message, making it more compelling and memorable.

The DIY Approach to Teleprompters

For those on a budget, a DIY teleprompter may seem like an appealing option. DIY setups often involve using everyday materials such as smartphones, tablets, or even cardboard to create a home teleprompter. However, they come with certain limitations, with the primary one being the challenge of achieving proper eye contact.

With simple teleprompter setups that you make yourself, the text might be positioned below or above the camera lens. This can lead to the speaker's eyes appearing to divert away from the audience, which is not ideal for maintaining engagement. Authentic eye contact is crucial because it fosters a connection with your audience, builds trust, and conveys confidence.

The Teleprompter App Solution logo

If you find yourself tight on budget but still want the benefits of a teleprompter, consider using a teleprompter app. Our Teleprompter App allows you to scroll through your script while recording. You can position it just below your smartphone camera to create the illusion of using an actual teleprompter device. 

The beauty of this app is its versatility: you can switch from vertical to horizontal recording by tilting your phone, making it suitable for various content platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Even though recording with your phone camera can slightly reduce resolution, our teleprompter app supports recording in 4K for enhanced quality.

In Conclusion

In the battle of DIY teleprompter vs. professional setup, the latter clearly has the upper hand when it comes to maintaining authentic eye contact with your viewers. While investing in a quality teleprompter may require some financial commitment, it's worthwhile if you aim to consistently deliver polished and engaging content.

We hope this comparison has shed light on the importance of eye contact and the benefits of using teleprompter hardware. Remember, experimentation is key, and you should choose the setup that aligns with your content creation goals and budget.

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