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May 16, 2024
minutes and BIGVU are popular teleprompter apps that help content creators, presenters, and video professionals easily record high-quality videos. While they share some similarities, key differences exist between the two platforms. In this comparison, we'll dive into the features, usability, accessibility, performance, and other aspects of each app to help you decide which one is the better choice for your needs.

Overview and Key Features

teleprompter logo is a comprehensive teleprompter solution designed for both novice and experienced video content creators. The platform provides a range of tools to streamline video production, ensuring seamless delivery of scripts and enhancing on-camera presence. boasts a user-friendly interface and versatile features that cater to a wide array of recording needs, from vlogs and webinars to professional presentations. 

Key Features:

  • Script Creation and Editing: Users can craft and modify scripts directly on their devices.
  • iOS and Mac Compatibility: Fully operational on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, accommodating a wide range of users.
  • Cloud Integration: Import TXT, Word, and PDF files from cloud services.
  • Video Recording: Record videos within the app, integrating scripts seamlessly.
  • Mirroring Options: Playback can be mirrored vertically and horizontally.
  • Professional-Grade Features: Precise control with adjustable text size, line spacing, fonts, colors, and timers.
  • Unlimited Script Storage: Store and edit unlimited scripts.
  • Offline Mode: Use the app without an internet connection.
  • Mic Magic: Capture clear audio with external USB microphones.
  • Picture Perfect Portrait Mode: Blur video backgrounds for a professional finish.
  • Enhanced Remote Control: Improved web-based remote control with classic Bluetooth option.
  • Generate Script with AI: Utilize AI to generate scripts, enhancing efficiency and creativity.
  • Green Screen Replacement: Replace backgrounds with images or videos.
  • Noise Removal: Remove background noises from recordings.
  • Add Your Own Logos to Videos: Brand your presentations and recordings with custom logos.
  • Revamped Subtitles Feature: Generate attention-grabbing subtitles to elevate video content.
  • Import Your Videos: Import your own videos for cleaning voice tracks and adding subtitles.
  • Customizable Text Resizing: Resize the text around the camera for optimal readability and focus during presentations.
  • Enhanced Scrolling Experience: Enjoy the smoothest scrolling experience on all devices.
  • Pause and Resume Recordings: Pause and resume recordings seamlessly without losing any progress.
  • Bug-Free Experience: Regular updates for smooth usage.
  • Support and Assistance: For any questions or assistance, you can contact the support team directly within the app or via email.


BigVu logo

BIGVU positions itself as a comprehensive video creation tool, ideal for creating professional-looking videos for social media, education, corporate communication, and content marketing. The app offers teleprompter functionalities alongside video composition tools.

Key Features:

  • Teleprompter Pro Features: AI eye contact fix, text scrolling speed adjustment, manual exposure setting, audio monitoring.
  • Interviews: Switch between front and rear cameras.
  • Multiple Takes: Capture multiple takes and choose the best.
  • Recording Options: Vertical or portrait recording.
  • Social Stories Optimization: Crop videos to square, vertical, or landscape formats.
  • Automatic Captions: Add themes with subtitles, logos, and colors.
  • Green Screen Replacement: Replace green backgrounds with images or videos.
  • Commercial-Free Music: Add music to enhance narration.
  • One-Click Posting: Post videos to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Export Options: Save to phone camera roll or upload to BIGVU Cloud.
  • Online Video Maker: Edit captions, add photos and visuals with BIGVU Composer.
  • Audience Engagement: Keep a constant flow of new videos for audience engagement.
  • AI Script Generator: Automatically generate scripts using AI.
  • Remove Background Noise: Eliminate unwanted background noise from recordings.

Detailed Comparison

Usability offers a user-friendly interface designed for both novice and professional users. The app's intuitive design allows users to create, edit, and read scripts with ease. The mirroring options and customizable shortcuts add to the convenience, making it adaptable to various user needs. 

The offline mode ensures uninterrupted usage, and the AI rephrasing feature aids in improving script delivery. Additionally, features like customizable text resizing and the ability to pause and resume recordings provide users with greater control and flexibility during their presentations.

BIGVU, on the other hand, combines teleprompting with video editing, making it a comprehensive tool for content creators. Its interface is geared towards users who need both script reading and video composition functionalities. The ability to switch between cameras and capture multiple takes enhances usability for dynamic video creation. However, the app is frequently reported to be buggy, crashing often and losing users' work, which significantly hinders its usability for professional purposes.

Accessibility provides accessibility across iPhone, iPad, and MacOS with plans to expand to Android, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of Apple devices. The cloud integration feature allows users to import scripts from various sources, making it accessible for users with different needs. The app’s sign-in simplicity and seamless login across devices further enhance accessibility. The import your videos feature allows users to bring in external videos for cleaning voice tracks and adding subtitles, expanding the app's versatility.

BIGVU also supports iPhone and iPad, with additional accessibility from the web and other mobile devices. The app's integration with social media platforms and its ability to export to the camera roll or cloud make it highly accessible for users looking to share content across multiple channels. The online video maker extends accessibility, allowing users to edit videos from different devices.

Performance excels in performance with features like custom playback, font customization, and Bluetooth integration for remote control. The app’s bug-free experience and regular updates ensure smooth operation. The margin makeover and picture-perfect portrait mode contribute to professional-quality recordings, enhancing overall performance. The enhanced scrolling experience ensures the smoothest scrolling on all devices, further boosting performance.

BIGVU offers robust performance with its AI eye contact fix, text scrolling speed adjustment, and manual exposure settings. The app’s ability to capture multiple takes and optimize videos for social stories adds to its performance capabilities. However, many users have reported significant performance issues, including audio cut-offs, video blackouts, and exposure problems, detracting from its overall reliability.

Customization provides extensive customization options, including font size adjustments, customizable shortcuts, and margin adjustments. The app's AI rephrasing and mirroring options further enhance customization, allowing users to tailor their teleprompting experience. The green screen replacement and noise removal features add a layer of customization for video recordings. Users can also add their own logos to videos and take advantage of the revamped subtitles feature to enhance video content. The customizable text resizing feature lets users adjust text size for optimal readability and focus during presentations.

BIGVU also offers significant customization, with options to add themes, logos, and colors to videos. The ability to crop videos to different formats and replace green screen backgrounds adds to the app's versatility. The online video maker allows users to combine presentations with photos, videos, and captions, providing a high level of customization for video content.

Integration integrates seamlessly with cloud services, allowing users to import scripts from various sources. The app’s Bluetooth integration and enhanced remote control options make it versatile for different recording setups. The support for external USB microphones and seamless rotation resolution add to its integration capabilities.

BIGVU integrates well with social media platforms, offering one-click posting to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The app’s ability to export to the camera roll or upload to the cloud provides flexible integration options. The online video maker further enhances integration, allowing users to edit and combine different media elements.

Pricing offers a Teleprompter Pro subscription with a 7-day free trial, priced at $7.50 per month when paid annually. The subscription unlocks premium features, providing value for users seeking advanced functionalities.

BIGVU also follows a subscription model, with the monthly subscription starting at $14.99. The subscription renews automatically at the end of each term, and the pricing details are accessible through the app’s iTunes account settings. While the subscription provides access to premium features, users need to ensure timely management of the auto-renew settings to avoid unwanted charges. Additionally, the high cost and frequent upselling of features have been a point of contention for many users.

Conclusion: Which App is Better?

Both and BIGVU offer robust teleprompter apps with unique features. excels with its user-friendly interface, extensive customization, and seamless performance on Apple devices. Features like AI rephrasing, font customization, and mirroring options make it an efficient and versatile choice. The addition of new features such as pause and resume recordings, import your videos, enhanced scrolling experience, and customizable text resizing further enhance its value.

BIGVU combines teleprompting with video editing, ideal for content creators making professional-looking videos for social media. However, its additional features can be complex and require more processing power. Frequent bugs, crashes, and subscription issues also affect its reliability.

Overall, is the better choice for users focused on teleprompting, offering a comprehensive set of script reading and video recording features.

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