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The Top 5 Teleprompter Apps for iPad

Teleprompter Team
October 14, 2022
The Top 5 Teleprompter Apps for iPad

The iPad went from a real niche item to something a lot of people have in their homes today. Whether you’re giving an online presentation, recording for your vlog, or making how-to videos for YouTube, an iPad is just easy and fun. Plus, the larger screen gives it more utility than its smartphone cousins.

When it comes to the best teleprompter apps for iPad, you’re looking for apps that allow you to use the full range of your device, including video recording and editing. 

Why Use a Teleprompter App on iPad?

iPads are simply one of the best devices to use with teleprompters apps. Their size, portability, and UI make them ideal for reading scripts.

They also offer a relatively inexpensive and convenient alternative to traditional teleprompters. Plus, unlike dedicated teleprompter equipment, these apps can offer a suite of tools to make the experience fun and productive.

The Top 5 iOS Teleprompter Apps to Use iPad

 1. Teleprompter 

Teleprompter allows users to create and read scripts or lyrics with easy scroll control. The easy UI and simple interface really take the stress out of online presentations. Plus, the app allows you to mirror your script to use with real teleprompter equipment to look and feel like a real professional in front of and behind the camera. 


  • Easy to Use 
  • Quick set up
  • Good for beginners and pros
  • Bluetooth-enabled remote control from iOS devices or dedicated remotes
  • 4k Recording
  • Works alongside professional cameras


  • Short Trial 
  • $9.99/ month. 


This is a friendly app for beginners and experts with an easy-to-use interface. Between the mirroring options and peripheral options, it’s everything you could want in a teleprompter app - learn vocals, give professional presentations, and record videos on the go. And at $9.99 a month, it offers incredible value even if you need a teleprompter a few times a month for presentations or social media reels.

2. PromptSmartPro

The PromptSmartPro offers in-app settings for camera functions such as auto-exposure and tap-to-focus for amazing content creation utility. Which makes it an excellent all-around tool. However, what really makes PromptSmartPro stand out is its VoiceTrack technology that uses your voice to control scrolling and improvise from your script on the fly rather than relying on an auto-scrolling script. 


  • Voice Tracking 
  • Delete Scripts in bulk
  • Auto-exposure
  • Tap-to-focus


  • English Only
  • Large App Size
  • Short Trial Period
  • External microphone recommended to use VoiceTrack


This app offers an impressive array of features - most of all with VoiceTracking technology. It allows you to stop your script by simply stopping your speech. This way you can field questions and improvise in the middle of your presentations for a more natural delivery - perfect for work and scripted live streams. The only downside is that some users report that the voice recognition software often fails at random 

3. SpeakFlow

Similar to PromptSmartPro, Speakflow features software to scroll your script as you speak. It also allows you to self-record video content directly from your iPad. 


  • Real-time voice tracking 
  • Simple video recording
  • Device syncing for remote 
  • Text Mirroring


  • Mirror and device syncing behind a paywall. 
  • Some reviews report bugs surrounding the voice tracking


Overall, Speakflow would make a good tool for creating and using scripts without having to stay 100% on script as you would with an auto-scrolling teleprompter app. Plus, the real-time voice tracking, though not always reliable according to reviews, makes a great option for when you want options to go off-script on live feeds and presentations. 

4. VideoTeleprompter 

As the name implies, VideoTeleprompter is another video and teleprompter solution together in a single app to help content creators appear confident on camera. It offers both vertical and horizontal recording options, allowing you to record for social media with vertical recording, and for professional webinars with horizontal recording


  • Free features provide good utility
  • One-time payment option
  • Horizontal and vertical recording options
  • 4k Video recording for support devices
  • Autogenerated captions


  • All content produced with free features is watermarked
  • Greenscreen features leave something to be desired


With the exception of disappointing greenscreen performance that gives low-quality backgrounds for presentations and livefeeds, VideoTeleprompter offers a video and teleprompter recording solution to record professional-looking videos and keep your eyes on the camera. Plus, the one-time purchase allows you to keep the premium features forever which makes it very cost-effective for video production in the long run.

5. Pages

This one may surprise you even if you’re an avid iPad user. The inbuilt pages app on your iPad has a not-so-hidden teleprompter mode. Simply open your script in the Pages app, select Options, and select Presenter mode to start the teleprompter. 


  • Free teleprompter for iPad
  • Quick and Convenient 
  • No download required


  • Very basic UI
  • No peripheral functionality
  • Can’t record from iPad at the same time
  • No Autoscrolling


Pages as a teleprompter for iPad is incredibly basic. However, it’s budget-friendly and serves its function if you’re caught out without another teleprompter solution at short notice. We would consider this a good option for someone looking for a low-commitment teleprompter solution or casually experimenting with teleprompter uses. 


At the end of the day, this is nowhere near all the teleprompter apps available for iPad and iOS. However, they are among the best that you can find. All you have to do is to find the one that works best for you. And with that, why don’t you start with the best? Try Teleprompter’s free trial today if you’re ready to take your channel to the next level.

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