14 Ideas for the Best PowerPoint Night in History

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November 1, 2022
14 Ideas for the Best PowerPoint Night in History

This trend popped up back in 2020 on TikTok for those who really enjoy a good PowerPoint and the fun of presenting to a group of friends, but it’s still going strong in 2022. PowerPoint and presentation nights are parties where you and your friends get together to present silly topics to each other. It can be anything from reading a teleprompter blind to arguing what Disney villain deserves a redemption arc. 

How to Make it Great 

The key to a good PowerPoint night is planning. Know what the topic(s) of the night will be. Make sure you have the right tools you need. After all, you can’t have a PowerPoint or Teleprompter game without either of those.

Here are some PowerPoint night ideas to help you get started.

Teleprompter Games

Teleprompters are used by newscasters, politicians, and social influencers alike. They’re excellent for presentations, and that means they’re great for presentation game night. Here are some fun teleprompter games to play on your next game night. 

Haywire Teleprompter

Write a news story for your friends to read with the solemness of a daytime newscaster. But here’s the twist. You and your friends each take the story, deliberately rewrite it with the intent to throw the speaker off, and then pass your scripts to each other. Whoever lasts the longest without cracking a smile wins. 

Beat the Teleprompter 

See which of your friends can read and speak the fastest. Use an app like Teleprompter with adjustable scroll speed, add a silly script, and take turns as you increase the scroll speed. For extra fun, add rules for slip-ups and laughing. 

The Anchorman Teleprompter Game 

This game is similar to Haywire Newscast teleprompter, but you use a teleprompter alongside Anchorman: Improper Teleprompter. The game involves choosing random words to fill in premade scripts. It isn’t original as Haywire Teleprompter, but the setup is quick and easy. 

Group Blind Reads

Another game to make your friend laugh involves blind reading any presentation. Have your friends speak at length about the values of the turnip, or how they love the things you know they hate. If it’s in the script, they have to say it. 

Clueless Narrator

Find any YouTube video you want, mute it, and write out the narration. Add all of the goofy commentaries you want, the only limit is imagination. Then have someone blind read from the teleprompter app as you watch the video as a group. 

Who’s Who Presentation Night Ideas

Ever wanted to give a presentation on what you think of your friends? These games involve making presentations on your friends, their habits, their fashion, or whatever you want. 

Friend Starter Packs

What 5 items do you associate with each of your friends? Make a presentation, and tell them why.

What kind of [Blank] is Everyone

Time to tell your friends what things you associate them with. Pick a category and assign your friends to an item in it. 

Everyone’s Theme Songs

What is your theme song, and what do your friends think your theme song is? Have everyone make a presentation and share the music they associate each other with. 

Guess Who

Don’t name names in this game. Have everyone make presentations in secret that describes each other point for point. Then have a game of guessing who the PowerPoint is describing. 

Friend Aesthetic 

Aesthetic packs really took off a few years ago. In this game, design one for each of your friends, and share them at game night. 

PowerPoint Party & Karaoke  

This category is totally dedicated to delivering a PowerPoint presentation blind without breaking. An awesome choice for improv fans. 

Unpopular Opinion Presentation

Pick random unpopular topics for your friends to try to make a convincing presentation for. This could be anything from pineapple on pizza to whether Beyonce is overrated. 

Embarrass Your Friends Edition

Design PowerPoints deliberately made to embarrass your friends, and have them present them. Remember to be kind, but having your always-late friend give a presentation on the number of times they’ve been late is sure to get a chuckle. 

Satire News Reporting

Another great game to combo with a teleprompter, this will be popular with any fans of The Onion. Design and present PowerPoints on satirized news events. E.g. “Local man still searching for the wallet still in his pocket.” 

Random Slides

This presentation game involves picking random slides of stock photos and having presenters try to give a coherent presentation without knowing what the next slide will be. 

Land the Joke with Teleprompter 

Although a lot of these games require improvisation, some of them need a bit of preparation. For this, Teleprompter is the best teleprompter app to keep the fun rolling, especially for teleprompter presentation games. It’s quick and easy to use, meaning you won’t have to slow the fun down with setup.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about forgetting any of the witty jokes you worked into your presentation the night before.

Download Teleprompter for your next PowerPoint night today.

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