5 Essential Tools to Get Started as a Makeup Tutorial Creator

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November 30, 2022
5 Essential Tools to Get Started as a Makeup Tutorial Creator

Are you a budding content creator looking to get into the makeup tutorial space, but don’t know how to start? You’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re going to explore everything you need to get your tutorial content off the ground. 


Before you can make a video tutorial, you have to be able to shoot the video to begin with. That means you’re going to need a camera. There are a lot of options out there, but for those just getting into content creation, there are two primary options: DSLRs and your phone. 


Digital single-lens reflex cameras, or DSLRs, are incredibly popular among all sorts of content creators. These cameras are highly accessible and easy to learn. What’s more, they bring a professional feel to the production and the final product. 

Shooting video with a DSLR will allow you to be in total control of the ISO and depth of a shoot. However, intermediate DSLRs, which we would recommend for starting out, come at a hefty price of $500+ for a quality camera. 

Smart Phone

For those looking to create makeup tutorials without breaking the bank, consider starting out using your own phone. Smartphones often include incredible-quality cameras. As such, they’re a major asset to content creation on a budget and on the go. 


It’s hard to focus on your technique when the lighting if off. That being said, your lighting setup doesn’t need to be expensive. It just needs to work. Your goal is to use light to not only provide a clear view of how you’re applying the makeup but to draw and keep your audience’s focus. There are 2 main methods of showing the products in the best light. 

Three-Point Lighting Setup

Professional content creators often use three-point lighting with a basic soft-light kit. This approach involves, as the name suggests, three light sources. 

  • Key Light - This will be your primary and bright light. A key light is what will dictate the overall brightness, or exposure, of your video. You will place this light at a 45-degree angle to your camera.

  • Fill Light - Your key light alone will create harsh shadows which will give you depth, but will be counter-productive in a makeup tutorial. This is where the fill light comes into play. By placing this weaker light on the opposite 45-degree angle from your camera than your key light, it will fill the shadows from your key light.

  • Backlight - This light can be optional. It depends on your style. Regardless, this weakest-of-the-three light is placed behind you, the subject, to create a rim of light that pushes the subject away from the background.

Ring Light 

Alternatively, if this lighting setup is beyond your abilities or your price range, a ring light is a cheaper and effective alternative. By design, a ring light provides a uniform light from the direction of the camera that is perfect for emphasizing the subject. Plus, they typically come in the daylight color temperature range, empowering you to use natural lighting no matter where you are.


Camera? Check. Lighting? Check. Now it’s time to make sure you can be heard whether you’re using a pro mic or your phone one. 

Dynamic Microphones

These are the microphones most people are familiar with from sportscasters and public service announcements. Dynamic microphones are durable, and versatile, but are less sensitive than condenser microphones. Less sensitivity means harder recording, and more time messing with the audio levels in post. However, they are more budget-friendly. 

Condensor Microphones

USB condenser microphones are a popular choice with content creators of all kinds. This is because condenser microphones offer the best high-frequency audio recording than other types of microphones. In terms of price, expect to pay anywhere between $100 to $1000 for a quality microphone.

Record from Your Phone

For those on a budget, your phone is a strong alternative for recording audio. Smartphones come with a built-in microphone that is perfect for low-budget recording.

Tripod or Other Support

Once you have your camera, you’re going to need a good tripod to support it. These come in many shapes and forms, but the principle remains the same. They provide a steady video for recording content free of shaking, swaying, and the occasional camera tumble.

The type of tripod you purchase in the end will be dependent on the type of equipment you choose. A DSLR will need a sturdy tripod proportional to its weight. There are also special mounts and tripods specifically designed to hold a smartphone and ring light together to make a budget-friendly content recording setup. 

Script and Teleprompter

What many beginner makeup tutorial creators get wrong is they try to completely wing their videos. Content creation requires careful planning and forethought. As such, a script can be essential for a makeup tutorial creator.

And to read that script, a teleprompter is the best way to go go. With a teleprompter, you can stay focused and confident in your delivery as you explain the ins and outs of makeup. That means no more uhs or ums slowing down your dialogue, or worrying about what you need to say at any point in your video. It’s only a matter of planning and equipment.  

You could spend hundreds on a costly teleprompter which you would then have to learn how to use with your current setup. Alternatively, you can once again use your phone to find a cheap and effective solution. The Teleprompter app gets you all the power of a professional teleprompter with the convenience and ease of use of your iPhone with an intuitive user interface and powerful features.

Teleprompter is the best way to make your creativity shine without coming across as stiff or unfocused in your next makeup tutorial. 

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