6 Tools to Create Interactive Virtual Presentations

Teleprompter Team
December 1, 2022
6 Tools to Create Interactive Virtual Presentations

Do you ever find yourself thinking of new ways to keep an audience engaged in a virtual presentation? Are plain, linear PowerPoint presentations losing their charm (if they ever had any to begin with)? If you answered yes, then it’s time to consider trying an interactive virtual presentation.

An interactive virtual presentation calls for the audience, to, no surprise, to interact with it directly. This interactive content come in many forms from hotspots to pop-up boxes. Regardless of the method, this feature keeps viewers on their toes and ready to engage.

Today, we’re going to take look at 7 tools that are perfect for building and running virtual presentations.

 1. Teleprompter 

A screenshot of the Teleprompter website home page

One of the problems with virtual presentations is that your train of thought can be easily derailed. You need something to help you stay on track no matter what. You need a script.

Teleprompter is just the app for that. It offers a user-friendly UI to make setup a breeze and provides users with a script they control. That’s right, with Teleprompter, you can easily customize the scroll speed to your reading speed and be ready to record in minutes.

What’s more, the app allows you to shoot video on any iOS device in 4K to give your video a professional appearance for your audience.

We’re biased, but with 6.3K+ 5-star reviews, it’s safe to say Teleprompter is excellent for reducing the stress and anxiety that naturally come with presentations. The controllable script allows you to pause and resume anytime to help you navigate your own virtual presentation.

2. PreziPresent

A screenshot of the Prezi product page

Prezi is a well-known presentation solution. It’s helped students and professionals alike to create impressive presentations for over a decade now. Well, Prezi Present takes it a step further to accommodate virtual presentations all the same.

Prezi present allows you to combine live video streams with pictures and graphics in the same camera shot. That means no screen sharing, no boring slides, and no talking head in the corner of the screen. Rather, your audience really gets to see a full-picture view of you alongside your presentation material.

Best of all, there are no technical skills required so you can focus on building your presentation rather than reading ten tutorials and calling it a day.

All-in-all, Prezi present is a good option for creating impactful and engaging virtual presentations.

3. SlideDog

A screenshot of the SlideDog website home page

SlideDog supports almost every type of file format out there, and that makes it easy to combine different types of media into a single presentation. It also allows you to create pop-ups for your slides with videos, graphics, animation, and more. That’s what makes it a perfect tool for multimedia presentations.

Plus, this tool allows you to auto-loop your presentation to free your hands and focus on delivering the presentation rather than stopping to change slides. Rather, it shares a playlist format to automatically run your presentation slides in the background without manual input.

In terms of interactivity, SlideDogs offers powerful interactive features to attract and retain audience attention. These tools include custom polling to engage viewers and promote conversation.

4. Canva

A screenshot of the Canva website home page

Canva is another one of those tools that have been around for quite some time. Since its founding in 2012, Canva has become one of the most popular graphic tools available. Although the app itself doesn’t offer many options in terms of interaction function, it does have powerful customizations to help animate presentations.

Canva also has a large content library that provides access to more graphics and pre-designed slide themes than a presenter could ever use in their life. The animation features are equally robust. As such, Canva is a powerful tool to really beef up your PowerPoint presentations.

This app also recently partnered with Pear Deck to create and provide customers with interactive templates for engaging audiences. With Canva, you’re able to embed questionnaires, multiple-choice, and audio files. 

5. Publuu 

A screenshot of the Publuu website home page

Don’t let the silly name fool you, Publuu has a lot to offer. In fact, Publuu specifically has seven things to offer - seven types of interactive virtual presentation material

The app itself provides a flexible and easy-to-use multi-media maker to help design a visually appealing report. Plus, Publuu comes with robust customization options to alter the color scheme of your presentation, add brand logos, and any type of video or infographic you make need.

And for those with security in mind, Publuu generates shareable links to invite select participants only. What’s more, you can add password production as an extra security feature to make sure only the right people are receiving your files.

At the end of the day, Publuu is a solid choice for making an interactive presentation.

6. Mentimeter 

A screenshot of the Mentimeter website home page

Another exciting tool for creating interactive virtual presentations, Mentimeter allows you to add quizzes and real-time voting to your presentation. That way you’re able to engage your audience and gather data at the same time.

As a cloud-based tool, Mentimeter is ready to use as soon as you sign up. Then you’ll be able to create presentations via templates and themes. When selecting these templates, remember that Mentimeter allows users to insert images and even GIFs from its integrated free stock images.

As such, Mentimeter is an excellent tool for building interactive presentations intended to gather feedback-based statistics in businesses and schools.

The Bottom Line

This list is certainly not all the software and services available, but they’re some of the best available.

There are a lot of tools out there that make creating interactive virtual presentations a breeze. It’s only a matter of finding the right tool that works for you and the kind of presentation you want to create. Don’t be afraid to try something different.

And although there are a lot of tools out there for creating interactive virtual presentations, there is only one teleprompter app that’s perfect for creating and running presentations, and that is Teleprompter.

Download Teleprompter today from the app store, and see what it can do for your next presentation firsthand.

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