College Video Essay Tips to Get into Your Dream College

Teleprompter Team
November 30, 2022
College Video Essay Tips to Get into Your Dream College

The number of college applications in the US grew by 21.3% between the 2019–2020 and 2021-2022 school years. That means more and more aspiring college students are sitting down in front of their computers, and writing application essays. Naturally, this is a stressful time. It can feel that an application essay can make or break to get into your dream school. 

What’s more, with so many students submitting these essays every year, it can be hard to believe you have a chance to stand out. That’s why video essays have grown increasingly popular among college applicants. Not only are they fun to make, but they’re an effective way to pitch yourself to a college admissions board. An excellently edited video essay is sure to impress.

Start with a Stellar Hook 

The goal of a successful college video essay lies in its ability to captivate the audience from the get-go. If you engage them early, they’re more likely to stay with you to the end of the video and really focus on what you have to say. That’s why you have to start with a hook, something that will demand your viewers' attention.

The exact nature of this hook is up to you. However, it should reflect your personality and your skills as a communicator. Don’t be afraid to make it fun and make someone laugh if that’s how you like to engage with others. Just make sure it’s good. 

Use a Script

Navigating your narrative with clarity and confidence is key in a college application video essay. During your video essay, you’re going to need to be concise and ready to deliver your lines without stumbling. The best way to achieve this is to use a script. A script will keep you focused and on task while recording. You won’t have to memorize a thing. It’s only a matter of writing every you need to say and working to deliver it naturally.

However, reading off cue cards or a regular piece of paper is going to be obvious, and will be detrimental to your overall essay. Consider using a teleprompter to read your script discreetly. Plus, you’ll free up your hands to focus on your body language and explain why you should be admitted to your dream school.

Be Conscious of Your Environment 

Always ensure that your college video essay takes place in a clean and quiet environment. No college admissions board will expect you to be totally professional with your recording. However, they will expect you to be conscious of your environment and the overall look and feel of your video. Admissions will not look kindly on a video recorded on your bed with a TV blaring in the background.

Additionally, don’t forget to ensure your setting is well-lit. Avoid recording in front of any windows as the backlight will make you appear dark on camera. Rather, turn around and face the window when possible. You always want to face natural light when possible

Be Original

You will often receive a prompt for your essay, and you should always follow it as faithfully as possible. However, this is also an opportunity to show your creative side. After all, this is more than just a written essay - it’s a video. It takes time and effort to produce.

Consider shooting your essay video at multiple angles or locations.

Wear the Right Attire 

Part of a video essay for college application is about being yourself, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be well-dressed. That doesn’t mean you need a three-piece suit either. Rather, go for the middle ground. Wear a clean and appropriate top, and no graphic t-shirts if you can help it.

And whatever you do, don’t record the video in your pajamas. You want to be comfortable, but there’s such a thing as too much. 

Speak with Confidence 

video essay

The point of a college video essay is to let your personality shine through while you’re answering the prompt from the admission board. However, that isn’t going to happen if you read information from a notecard or piece of paper. Your ability to communicate effectively is essential. You have to apply yourself - be emotive and let the admissions officer know who you are with your body language and inflection. A script is certainly still important, but you still need to be yourself.

Practice your response several times either in a mirror, in a series of practice videos, or even in front of your loved ones. This will give you a feel for what you’re looking for in your video, and the practice will help you achieve it. Regardless of how you do it, be prepared to give a response - not read a response.

Be Yourself

Possibly the best piece of advice we can give you is to be yourself. The admissions board is looking to get to know you as a person. Give them a good impression of who you are, why you are applying to their school, and why you think you’d be a good fit. Just don’t force it. A flat and bland video produced with the intent of being professional will likely put your audience off.

Just relax and deliver the lines in the way that comes most naturally to you. 

Avoid the Stress with Teleprompter 

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Handling Nervousness and Improving Presentation Skills

recording college video essay

Overcoming Camera Shyness

Many applicants find the idea of speaking to a camera daunting. To overcome this, practice is key. Start by recording practice videos to get comfortable with speaking and seeing yourself on screen. Focus on the message you want to convey rather than the camera itself. Employ relaxation techniques such as deep breathing before recording. Remember, the camera is an opportunity to share your story with the admissions committee in a personal way, so envision it as a conversation with a friend.

Voice and Body Language

Your voice and body language are powerful tools in your college video essay, conveying confidence, enthusiasm, and sincerity. Practice speaking clearly and at a moderate pace to ensure your message is understood. Use pauses effectively to emphasize points. Be mindful of your body language; maintain an open posture and use hand gestures naturally to express your points. A smile can go a long way in making you appear approachable and enthusiastic about your future college journey.

Final Thoughts: What Makes a Good Video Essay

College video essay offers a dynamic platform to showcase your individuality, creativity, and preparedness for the collegiate journey. By crafting a narrative that captivates from the start, utilizing scripts for clarity, ensuring a professional environment, and infusing your presentation with originality, you position yourself to stand out among a sea of applicants. Remember, attire, confidence, and authenticity are paramount. 

Tools like teleprompters can ease the process, while practice and a focus on effective communication will enhance your connection with the admissions board. In embracing these strategies, you not only highlight your readiness for college but also take a significant step toward securing a spot in your dream college. This approach not only demonstrates your skills and passion but also marks your first step in the journey of transforming dreams into reality.

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