Teleprompter App Settings Guide for Perfect Video Recording

Teleprompter Team
October 6, 2023
Teleprompter App Settings Guide for Perfect Video Recording

Video content creation is on the rise, and teleprompters have become indispensable tools for delivering polished and engaging videos. However, harnessing the full potential of a teleprompter requires more than just plugging it in; it's all about the settings. 

Here are the ins and outs of teleprompter app settings and techniques, including how to select the best font for teleprompter use,  to help you create engaging and professional videos.

Organizing Your Scripts

Before diving into the technical settings, let's start with script organization. Creating folders for different video topics can be a game-changer. Not only does it keep your content well-structured, but it also streamlines access to your scripts. 

Imagine having that brilliant idea on the go; simply create a new folder and jot down your thoughts. Later, when you're back at your desk, you can seamlessly edit and refine your ideas for a polished script.

Tailoring Your Teleprompter App Settings

Now, let's explore the heart of the matter: teleprompter settings. It's crucial to customize these settings to suit your specific needs. If you're using an iPad with a teleprompter hardware setup, don't forget to select "Mirror text horizontally." This ensures that your text displays correctly on the teleprompter screen, eliminating any potential readability issues.

Font and Text Settings

Bold Font

Next, let's talk fonts. Choosing the right teleprompter font is crucial for readability and comfort during recording sessions. While the app defaults to a font that's generally suitable, you have the freedom to choose the one that best suits your style. The best font for teleprompter usage often includes clear, easy-to-read typefaces such as "Times New Roman" or "Arial." These classic fonts offer a timeless appeal and ensure that your script is legible at a glance, which is essential for maintaining smooth delivery.

It's important to note that the choice of font can significantly affect your video production's quality. A well-chosen teleprompter font reduces eye strain and helps maintain a natural reading pace, which is key to a polished presentation. Experiment with the font size and color to find the perfect match for your recording environment and personal comfort.

Line Spacing and Readability

Don't underestimate the importance of line spacing. Setting it between 0.5 and 1 allows your text to "breathe," ensuring that you won't need to squint while reading. Comfortable reading is the foundation of a confident delivery, so find the line spacing that works best for you.

Accessibility Features

One of the remarkable aspects of teleprompter apps is their inclusivity. You can choose the "OpenDyslexic" font or enable "Bionic reading" to make your content more accessible to individuals with reading difficulties. It's a wonderful way to expand your audience and make your videos more inclusive.

Preparing for Recording


Getting into the right mindset before hitting that record button is essential. Utilize the "Countdown before starting" feature to give yourself a few seconds to compose, adjust your appearance if needed, and start your video with a warm smile. It sets the tone for a great recording and ensures your viewers connect with your content right from the start.

Video Quality and Format

High video quality is essential for engaging your audience. Opt for the highest available quality, such as 4K, when recording. This ensures your content looks professional and appealing, further enhancing the impact of your well-organized and readable script.

Sync Scrolling and Recording

Finally, enable "Sync scrolling and recording." This feature simplifies the process: all you have to do is read your script, maintain eye contact with the camera, and deliver your content confidently. It's a game-changer for creating engaging videos.

Advanced Teleprompter Font Customization for Clarity

Understanding the impact of font customization on your video's clarity and viewer engagement is essential. Different font weights, such as light, regular, and bold, can significantly affect your script's readability on screen. For example, a bold font might be perfect for emphasizing key points or headings, conveying a sense of authority or importance. In contrast, lighter weights can be easier on the eyes for longer sections of text.

The psychology behind your font choice also plays a crucial role in how your message is received. A well-chosen font can subtly influence the tone of your content, making it more relatable and engaging. Experimenting with styles like italic or underline can highlight critical parts of your script, guiding your delivery and helping viewers follow along.

Optimizing Teleprompter Speed for Natural Delivery

Adjusting the scrolling speed of your teleprompter to match your natural speaking pace is crucial for a fluid and convincing delivery. If the text moves too quickly or too slowly, it can disrupt your rhythm and distract your audience. Start by practicing with different speeds to find what feels most comfortable, and don't shy away from adjusting mid-recording if necessary.

Consider varying the speed for different script segments to add emphasis or allow for natural pauses. This dynamic approach can make your presentation more engaging and help maintain viewer interest throughout your video.

Teleprompter Setup and Environment Lighting Tips

The right setup and lighting are key to ensuring your teleprompter is as effective as possible. Position your teleprompter so you can comfortably read the text while maintaining eye contact with the camera. This setup helps create a connection with your audience, making your delivery appear more direct and personal.

Lighting plays a critical role in teleprompter readability. Avoid glare by adjusting the lighting in your recording environment and using teleprompter apps or devices with adjustable screen brightness. This ensures the text is clear and easy to read, regardless of the surrounding lighting conditions.

In conclusion, teleprompter app settings should enhance your performance, making it more engaging for your audience. By customizing your settings, selecting the best font for teleprompter, organizing your scripts, and utilizing accessibility features, you're well on your way to creating compelling, professional video content.

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