From Script to Screen: Unleash Your Charisma with Teleprompting in Video Resumes!

Teleprompter Team
May 19, 2023
From Script to Screen: Unleash Your Charisma with Teleprompting in Video Resumes!

Launched in ‘21, TikTok’s video resume feature tapped young internees and professionals looking for jobs. Given that more than 3 million people use TikTok, the potential of exposure is great!

However, the platform wasn’t a pioneer in this regard because video resumes have been around for a while now. You’ll also find many examples of video resumes YouTube.

If you haven’t come across them yet, these resumes are usually short clips in which candidates can do more than lay out their qualifications. A video resume is like a tell-me-about-yourself, but one that helps employers get to know their potential employees better.

We’ll be showing you just why that’s so, how they can be edgy but also double-edged swords, along with some great video resumes samples and video resume tips

The Edginess of Video Resumes

Professional video resumes can give candidates more of an edge since they let you showcase your unique:

First Generation Background 

Many candidates have familial roots in places other than where they’ve settled now. They can use good video resumes to exemplify what their paper resumes don’t necessarily convey.

Approach & POV

Video resumes are unique job applications. They may pique the curiosity of recruiters. And since catching a recruiter’s eye is the objective, you can use this unusual format to demonstrate how you stand out! 

Set of Skills & Talents

Certain fields, such as photography, video editing, visual arts, and music, lend themselves to the making of creative video resumes. You can show off your skills, previous work, and potential creativity for future projects. 

Competency for Jobs

Many of us would ace initial interviews more easily if we can control certain aspects. A video resume lets you hold the reins even when answering typical interview questions. That assurance can work wonders for your confidence!

Way of Connecting

Since you’ll be speaking to potential employers directly, opt for resumes tailor-made for the job-at-hand. Customize your application to build a deeper sense of connection with your viewers.

The Double-Edge of Video Resumes

It’s true about 60% of recruiters already utilize resume videos as part of their hiring process. And that 20% more will be swinging this way too. 

However, before you make one for yourself, consider these aspects:

  • Are video resumes a good idea? Yes, if you’re not present in the same city as your employers. Or, if you’re a part of a creative field.
  • Are video resumes appropriate for all fields? No, they may not work for every applicant, particularly if they aren’t as well-made and well-edited.
  • Do all employers look at video resumes? No, they don't! Some will be biased enough to reject your application just because it’s in video format. So, tread carefully!
  • Do people still use paper for resumes or are they video? Most still do. Only opt for a video CV if you’re sure it’ll be well received.

Resume Video Tips

Speaking confidently on camera isn’t something that comes naturally to everybody. But you can do the following to make a good quality video resume:

Stay on-Script

Whether you’re interested in doing funny video resumes for a comedy gig or shooting your application at some other creativity-based job, start by making a script. Don’t think you can wing it or you’ll be doing lots of reshoots and edits later on. Additionally, once you have a script, stick to it!

Use the Teleprompter App 

Of course, you wouldn’t want to be holding the script while filming. Neither do you want to be caught reading it. So, outside of memorizing the whole script, you can use a teleprompter to make professional-looking video CVs. 

The Teleprompter app can help you maintain eye contact and speak naturally. Once you set it up, you won’t lose your place, bungle words, or forget important points. Its autoscrolling feature keeps pace with you, but you can also choose the scrolling speed, text size and location among other things. 

Dress to Blend

While you can dress as if you’re going for an interview, we’d recommend attire that blends. That means while your clothing should be neat and workplace-appropriate, it shouldn’t be the focus of the video. Wear background-complementing colors and patterns so the viewers’ attention remains where it should–on your suitability for the job!

Find out more about creating great video resumes and other digital offerings, such as video essays.


Video CVs may not be new, but they can be game-changing. Make the most of them with scripted, tailor-made videos if you want to stand out from the competition. Finally, and most importantly, sign up for the Teleprompter app to ensure you come off confident, talented, and ideal-for-the-job!


What is a video resume?

Video CVs or resumes are short videos you can send to hiring managers and recruiters, describing what makes you a good hire. However, since they aren’t yet as common, you may want to enclose a written resume and cover letter along.

How do you make a video resume?

You should write scripts for video resumes and ensure they’re tailor-made for the job you’re applying for. Try to keep the videos short and professional. Find more tips here.

What are the benefits of a video resume?

Add a personal feel to your resume by turning it into a video. Video resumes also give your potential employers a chance to get to know you better. Finally, it’s easier to show the intangibles that make you you in this format. 

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