[Stats] Teleprompter Apps in the World of Video Content

Teleprompter Team
April 3, 2023
[Stats] Teleprompter Apps in the World of Video Content

In the social media industry, videos are the most engaging, valuable pieces of content. This is not a blanket statement; numerous stats back this up. Thecompetition is cutthroat—so when it comes to developing videos, it’s now a matter of who publishes the best quality to the right audience to get the most engagement. And for content creators, it means investing in the right tools to help them improve and streamline their processes. This includes software teleprompters.

Now, teleprompters have been around for a long time. The traditional types are still quite popular in news channel broadcasting, concerts, and other media—and rightly so. These tools help people deliver exceptional storytelling. But no matter how useful they may be, these heavyweight rigs are quite expensive and often don’t fit either the budget or the space for a regular content creator. And this is where the software type shines. It brings the best of both worlds—affordability and the much-loved features of the traditional teleprompter.

So let’s see how people are using it!

Teleprompter Usage for Content Creators (5-Year Data)

Let’s take a look at US data. Content creators used the Teleprompter app steadily during 2018 and 2019, but the post-pandemic years saw a massive increase in both the number of devices that made use of it as well as the number of sessions. 

To put this in numbers, 2020 saw an increase of 724% in the average monthly sessions and 646% in the average number of devices used per month. After this massive spike, the next two years saw a steady rise –25% increase in 2021 with over 40k monthly average sessions, and 44% increase in 2022 with more than 58k monthly average sessions. 

As for the average number of devices that used the Teleprompter app for content creation, 2021 saw a 30% increase with a total of around 10k devices, and remained almost the same in 2022. 

So, what do these data points tell us about the uses of software teleprompters? First, it's clear that content creators in the US are turning to teleprompters to help them create engaging and informative content. Second, the app is meeting the needs of content creators, as evidenced by the increase in devices. Finally, the increase in teleprompter app sessions in the US in 2020 demonstrates the important role that teleprompters played in helping content creators adapt to the challenges of the pandemic.

So, what do you think? Would you take a chance with a teleprompter app for your content creation needs?

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