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The Best Teleprompter Apps for Zoom

Teleprompter Team
October 14, 2022
The Best Teleprompter Apps for Zoom

There are a lot of apps out there to help professionals remain on track and exude confidence. Many of these are focused on mobile editing for videos, editing, and tracking audience engagement. But for those looking to impress in their next meeting, the must app to have is a teleprompter app. 

Why Use a Teleprompter App With Zoom?

When you’re attending a Zoom meeting, it’s hard to know what to do. When it’s your turn to speak, you want to sound professional and prepared, but you can easily find yourself at a loss for words during your part of a presentation. Using a teleprompter allows you to prepare for your part of the presentation. Never be at a loss for words and win back your confidence with a teleprompter.

However, not all of these apps are created equal.

That’s why we’re going to look at the top 5 iOS teleprompter apps to use with Zoom.

The Top 5 iOS Teleprompter Apps to Use With Zoom

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 1. Teleprompter 

Teleprompter is great for solving the most common problems people have with Zoom meetings. Having a reliable script lets you avoid talking too fast or forgetting important points in your presentations. With Teleprompter, you can pace yourself and reduce the anxiety of virtual meetings.


  • Easy to Use 
  • Quick set up
  • Good for beginners and pros
  • Bluetooth control 
  • 4k Recording
  • Works alongside professional cameras


  • Short Trial 
  • $9.99/ month. 


This is a friendly app for beginners and experts with an easy-to-use interface. Between the mirroring options and peripheral options, it’s everything you could want in a teleprompter app. However, the cost means the user needs the consistent level of use of a dedicated Youtube creator to be cost-effective. 

2. Prompt+

Prompt+ is an app that can work on iPad and Mac. It offers users multiple options for how they control the auto-scroll of the teleprompter including keyboards and foot pedals.


  • Bluetooth presentation remote capability
  • Pairs with other iOS devices
  • Stable 
  • Configurable script text


  • Multiple reviews report a less-than-helpful support team
  • Awkward user interface
  • Even margins require awkward centered text. 


Prompt+ provides a simple teleprompter that is excellent for Zoom presentations. However, reviewers report frequent bugs such as voice scrolling failing when the external microphone activates. Provided you use an external microphone, you’ll be able to maintain a natural flow with your script without having to pause when you answer questions during meetings. 

3. PromptSmartPro

The PromptSmartPro offers in-app settings for camera functions such as auto-exposure and tap-to-focus for content creation. Which makes it an excellent all-around tool. However, it shines when paired with Zoom. VoiceTracking technology uses your voice to control and improvise your script on the fly rather than relying on an auto-scrolling script. 


  • VoiceTracking 
  • Delete Scripts in bulk


  • English Only
  • Large App Size
  • Short Trial Period


This app offers an impressive array of features - most of all with VoiceTracking technology. This voice tracking is particularly useful when paired with Zoom presentations. It allows you to stop your script by simply stopping your speech. This way you can field questions and improvise in the middle of your presentations for a more natural delivery. The only downside is that some users report that the voice recognition software often fails without a clear cause.

3. Prompt Smart Lite

PromptSmart Lite offers a free teleprompter app alternative to PromptSmartPro. This application offers speech recognition like its big, paid-for brother. Additionally, the pared-down features are better for a Zoom user looking for a simple teleprompter solution. 


  • Easy to edit documents in the app 
  • Font size variation available
  • Customer support in a message-based format. 


  • Huge download size compared to functionality  
  • Incompatible with iOS devices before 11. 


This app lacks a lot of the bells and whistles of the pro version we discussed earlier. However, it is a good option for presentations with less than 5,000 words and users who would like to explore VoiceTrack technology for free. 

4. Vodium

Vodium’s team says its goal is to empower users to be the best communicators they can be, which it achieves effectively. Vodium allows users to utilize an adjustable, transparent slider so they have control over your script as you keep the appearance of eye contact on Zoom. 


  • Teleprompter screen offers adjustable transparency
  • Save scripts for future use


  • No free option
  • Slightly overpriced at $15 a month


Vodium provides users with a solution to create comprehensive presentations and allow space to engage their audience. However, despite offering a quality service, this teleprompter app may not be worth the cost for casual users. 


This application comes with an in-built composer, making it a good option for the content creator on the go. Plus, it includes chroma-key filter functionality to allow greenscreen background filters to change your background in Zoom. 


  • Easily Change scrolling speed 
  • Options to boost audio levels
  • Chroma-key filter for greenscreen backgrounds during presentations


  • Functions poorly on older devices
  • Large app size
  • Expensive paid features


The teleprompter function is useful, and the app does allow high-resolution video editing on your device to use off Zoom. However, the paid features such as watermark removal and 9-minute video recording start rather steep at $14.99, especially if your main need is a presentation teleprompter. 

How to Use Teleprompter Apps Effectively on Zoom

virtual meeting

A. Tips for Seamless Integration

Integrating a Zoom teleprompter app seamlessly into your presentations requires careful planning and execution. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth experience:

  • Pre-Testing: Before your actual Zoom meeting, run a few tests to ensure that the teleprompter app and Zoom are working harmoniously. Check for any compatibility issues and address them beforehand.
  • Synchronization: Make sure the teleprompter speed aligns with your speaking pace. Adjust the settings to create a natural flow, allowing you to maintain eye contact and engage with your audience effectively.
  • Dual-Monitor Setup: Consider using a dual-monitor setup, where the teleprompter app is on one screen and your Zoom call is on the other. This prevents you from looking away from the camera and maintains a professional appearance.

B. Practicing with the App to Achieve a Natural and Confident Delivery

  • Rehearse Regularly: Practice using the virtual teleprompter for Zoom in various scenarios to build confidence. Familiarity with the tool will help you focus on your message rather than the technology.
  • Eye Contact Techniques: Train yourself to glance at the teleprompter discreetly, ensuring it appears natural to your audience. Practice looking directly into the camera while referencing the script.
  • Adjusting Speed: Experiment with different speeds until you find the one that complements your speaking style. The goal is to create a seamless and polished delivery without sounding rushed or hesitant.

C. Troubleshooting Common Issues during Zoom Calls

  • Internet Connection: Ensure a stable internet connection to prevent lag or disruptions. Consider using a wired connection if possible, and have a backup plan in case of unexpected outages.
  • Software Updates: Regularly update both the teleprompter app and Zoom to access the latest features and bug fixes. Compatibility issues often arise when using outdated versions of software.
  • Technical Support: Familiarize yourself with the teleprompter app's customer support options. Having quick access to assistance can be invaluable if technical issues arise during a crucial presentation.

Additional Tools and Tips for Virtual Presentations

A. Tools to Enhance Video and Audio Quality

  • High-Quality Webcam: Invest in a good webcam to ensure clear and crisp video quality. A high-resolution camera can significantly enhance your overall virtual presence.
  • External Microphone: For improved audio clarity, consider using an external microphone. It reduces background noise and ensures your message is delivered with professional sound quality.

B. Best Practices for Creating Engaging Presentations

  • Visual Elements: Incorporate visuals such as slides, charts, and graphics to complement your spoken words. Visual aids keep your audience engaged and help convey complex information effectively.
  • Interactive Features: Use Zoom's interactive features, such as polls and Q&A sessions, to engage your audience actively. Encourage participation to create a dynamic and collaborative virtual environment.

C. Importance of a Well-Prepared Script

  • Clear Structure: Craft a well-organized script with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. This structure helps you convey your message coherently and ensures your audience follows along effortlessly.
  • Practice Scripted Transitions: Smoothly transition between different sections of your script. Practice these transitions to avoid awkward pauses and maintain a seamless flow throughout your presentation.

By combining the effective use of teleprompter apps with these additional tools and tips, you can elevate your Zoom presentations, delivering a polished and engaging virtual experience for your audience.

Best Teleprompter App for Zoom Meetings

At the end of the day, this is nowhere near all the Zoom teleprompter apps available for iOS. However, they are among the best that you can find to create powerful presentations with professional pacing and tone. All you have to do is to find the one here that works best for you. And with that, why don’t you start with the best?

Try Teleprompter’s free trial today if you’re ready to take your presentation to the next level.

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