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5 Must-Have Tools for Video Podcast Editing

Teleprompter Team
November 30, 2022
5 Must-Have Tools for Video Podcast Editing

Podcasting is one of the most fun and creative ways to get your content out there. It’s been ever-growing in recent years as the equipment to make quality podcasts become more and more available. Video podcasting is easy to start—you just need the right tools!

To help you get started with your own video podcast, we’ve put together a list of essential tools and recommendations for your convenience. 

The Evolution of Podcasting: From Audio to Video

Podcasting has come a long way from its origins as a niche audio medium for the dedicated few. Remember when it was all about those downloadable audio files that made long commutes a bit more bearable? Fast forward, and now we're in the era of video podcasting, where creators not only tell but show their stories, bringing an entirely new dimension to the podcasting world. This shift isn't just about keeping up with the Joneses; it's a response to a growing appetite for visual content. Viewers want to see the expressions, the gestures, and the behind-the-scenes action, making video podcasts a feast for the eyes and ears.

For content creators, this evolution from audio to video podcasting is like unlocking a new level in a game, offering fresh ways to connect with their audience. It's about more than just adding a camera to the mix; it's a chance to craft immersive experiences that audio alone can't deliver. Creators can now play with visual storytelling elements, like showing off that hilarious eye-roll or taking viewers on a virtual tour of their studio.

This transition has also opened up new revenue streams, from video ads to sponsored content, making it a win-win for creators aiming to turn their passion projects into profitable ventures. Welcome to the golden age of podcasting, where the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

Video Podcasting Tools

Here’s a quick list of video podcast equipment you can use to make your first podcast.

1. Scripting—Teleprompter

Screenshot of Teleprompter home page

Okay, you got us. We’re a little biased on this one. But you really should be using a script with your podcast! There are too many shows out there where the hosts’ conversation meanders around for 2 hours without ever really saying anything.

Don’t let your podcast be “one of those” shows.

Teleprompter makes it easy to write and edit a script to keep your podcast on track. It’s a user-friendly app to cut your performance anxiety in half when you hit record - stay focused and sound professional for your audience on the first try!

A podcast teleprompter is essential for scripting your video podcast, ensuring your dialogue remains concise and impactful. Teleprompter software for podcasters allows for smooth script scrolling, making it easier to maintain eye contact with your audience, thus enhancing viewer engagement. Utilizing the best teleprompter for video podcasting can cut your performance anxiety in half, allowing you to stay focused and sound professional for your audience on the first try.

Tips for Integrating a Podcast Teleprompter Effectively

While the tools above are essential, integrating a podcast teleprompter effectively can significantly impact your production quality. Here are a few tips on making the most out of your teleprompter:

  • Customize Your Script: Tailor your script to sound natural and engaging. A conversational tone helps maintain listener interest.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Familiarize yourself with the script beforehand. Practice helps in delivering a more natural and confident presentation.
  • Adjust the Teleprompter Speed: Find a reading speed that suits your natural speaking pace. This ensures your delivery is comfortable and understandable.

2. Video Editing Software—invideo 

Screenshot of invideo home page

When you record video, as you do with video podcasts, you obviously going to have to edit it! After all, how many raw video productions have you heard of? Unless you’re into niche cinematography, the answer is probably “zero!”

invideo is a user-friendly platform that offers a wide range of tools and features tailored to video creators. With this tool, you can easily edit your podcast footage, add text overlays, music, and even eye-catching transitions. Plus, it provides a vast library of stock footage and images, making it effortless to enhance your video podcast's visual appeal. And they’ve got different pricing plans to fit every budget, including a free version with the basics. 

3. Recording Software—Riverside

Homepage screenshot for Riveside, a podast recoding tool

It’s fine and good to have everything you need to edit, but that won’t do any good without recording anything first! Dedicated recording software will help you take your audio and video inputs, and save them together in a coherent and convenient way. To this end, we recommend Riverside. Riverside helps your recordings from becoming choppy and pixelated and maintains 4K video resolution with local recording. 

4. Video Recording Device—OM-D E-M10 Mark III

Picture and specifications of a video recording device

Now that we have your video editor and recording software ready. It’s time to consider your video and audio inputs. For video, you’ll want quality equipment that gives you a crystal-clear image. This is video podcasting, after all.

The OM-D E-M10 Mark III offers professional quality, 1080 video resolution with a beginner-friendly interface.

5. Audio Recording Device—Blue Yeti

A picture of a USB mic with product description and price.

Here’s the thing about video podcasts, the visuals can be great but no one is going to listen if the audio is terrible. Skimping on your audio recording is a surefire way to keep your video podcast from ever taking off. You need a good microphone.

The Blue Yeti is a popular choice for video podcasters across genres, from talk shows to narrative podcasts. It is the #1 USB microphone out there for quality audio and total recording control. 

Need an All-in-One Tool?

Does this sound like a lot? Maybe you’re not ready to invest in the entire suite of podcasting tools, but still want to get into the video podcasting space. Well, we have good news.

Teleprompter is more than just a teleprompter. The Teleprompter app lets you edit your script, customize reading speed, and shoot your video on any iOS device in 4K! That means Teleprompter gives you almost everything you need to get started in the podcasting space so you can try it out.

Even if you fall in love with the podcast format and expand your equipment, check out Teleprompter for all your scripting needs.

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