The Deadpool Approach to Writing Flamin' Hot YouTube and Podcast Scripts

Teleprompter Team
May 26, 2023
The Deadpool Approach to Writing Flamin' Hot YouTube and Podcast Scripts

Deadpool says hi!

Attention, mutants and chimichanga lovers! Gather 'round before I impart the secrets to writing a great YouTube script and podcast script. Now, I know the thought that just began circling your noggin "But Deadpool, what would you know about scripts?" 

My friends, besides my sharper-than-katana wit’s ready, I also know how to slice and dice the secrets to great scriptwriting. Once you know them too, use them for entertainment or pleasure–your choice! 

So, let’s grab our chimichangas and head on the most epic script writing extravaganza you’ll ever experience on this side of the fourth wall!

What the *eck’s a Script Anyway?

Listen up, script writing and podcasting rookies! Scripts are like trusty sidekicks. Think of them as ultimate roadmaps keeping you on track as you dish out the juicy details to your viewers and listeners. However, a YouTube script isn’t just useful when you’re recording an ear-pleasing audio or video. They are equally helpful for structuring your business's internal comms.  

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How Long is too Long?

Stop him when he gets it right!

A question that occurs to many while learning how to write YouYube script is how long it should be or how detailed. But that totally depends on your style. For instance, some of you meticulous types will want to script every darn word. Want to dot the i's and cross those t's? Go for it! 

Meanwhile, others will scribble a few bullet points. I so love rebels who fly by the seat of their pants! But, script-slinging perfectionists or freewheeling bullet-pointers, it’s about finding your groove and rocking that mic.

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Epic Structuring for Epic Scripts

Deadpool lays down script writing law.

No podcast script writing guide would be complete without a podcast script template. And this how they usually go:

Podcast Intro Script

You may already know how to start a podcast script 'cause we all know they are like that catchy tune you can't get outta your head. Short, sweet, and oh-so-welcoming, just like yours truly. That’s the approach you should be taking too, i.e., cue the theme music or jingle, and bam–audience instantly hooked! 

Noobs can take this podcast introduction script for a spin:

“Welcome to DP & Weasel Mania [Name of Podcast], where we’ll discuss How to Break the Fourth Wall  [Topic]. I’m Deadpool [Your Name], and joining yours truly today is Weasel [Name of Co-Host]. So, grab your chimichangas to get started!”

In short, a YouTube script preps your audience for the upcoming shenanigans!

Welcoming a Guest

Now, if Weasel and I want to bring Blind Al on the show, this is where we’d introduce her. This is an important step–particularly if we don’t want Al to whack us for not showing her due respect. Having a podcast script will prompt you–and keep you whack-free.

I’d also advise making your guest’s information, including any contextual info, a part of your script if you’re a budding YouTube script writer. 

That has two advantages:

  • Keeps you safe from Colossus’s I-so-disappointed-in-you look
  • Clues in your guests to what makes your guest an expert on the topic, such as their profession, backstory, credibility, etc.

Here’s a template for those learning how to write a podcast script:

“Today on the show, we’re mostly excited to have Colossus [Name of Guest], self-declared expert on morality and an all-around goody two shoes [Guest’s Intro]. Hello, Colossus [Guest’s First Name], and welcome to DP & Weasel Mania [Name of Podcast]!”

When you forget to include your sponsor's message in the podcast.

Sponsor’s Message

Make it a part of your YouTube script template. Depending on how they work, your sponsor may want you to stick to their own script word-for-word. Or, they might send in talking points that you can mold to your podcast’s style.

And as much as I looooove a good hostage video, it’s best you make sure your sponsor’s message doesn’t sound like one! Unless… your sponsor’s a supervillain and that’s what they want? Yikes! 

The more natural you sound, the more trust you’ll build, and the longer you’ll retain a sponsor’s patronage–I have an idea about that, but let’s hit that later. 

Want a podcast script example? Here’s how it’s done:

“[Name of Podcast] is begrudgingly brought to you by the Xavier Institute [Name of Sponsor]. I have been there and…it didn’t leave me underwhelmed…Now, Colossus, you wouldn’t want me to lie, would you? [Product/Service/Brand pitch, Personal Experience, & USP].”


Next up on our YouTube video script guidelines is how to plan transitions between different segments for a natural and cohesive flow. Fill those cracks with:

  • Jingles
  • Sound effects
  • Spoken phrases
  • Theme music clips

Podcast Outro Script

The outro is the conclusion of your podcast. But it can also double as a:

  • Episode summary
  • Thank you note for both guests and audience
  • Teaser for future episodes/events
  • Resources relevant to the episode’s discussion
  • Credits–throw in all names with a hand in an episode’s production
  • A well-placed CTA

In a CTA, you can ask the audience to:

  • Rate/review
  • Join a group/space/community on a social media site
  • Invitation to comment, send questions, and for feedback
  • Signup for a newsletter 

Done recording your podcast or YouTube video? Don’t forget to edit it.

More Useful *rap 

Deadpool says, P.S...

Do Keyword Research

Learning how to write YouTube script? Don’t forget to use the tools below to get into your audience’s minds and answer their questions about a topic:

Use a Teleprompter App

Even if you don’t use any part of my mind-blowing YouTube video script template, don’t skip this bit of advice! Teleprompters keep your script right in front of you, so you NEVER forget your Blind Als or Colossuses. 

What’s more, with our Teleprompter app, you’ll also enjoy:

  • Autoscrolling–your script keeps pace with you
  • Complete control–you choose the scrolling speed, text size, and location
  • Multi-functionality–remotely control your app on any device
  • Total mobility–move your scripts between devices or platforms and work even when offline

Can’t find which one’s right for you? See this guide or this one for help when live streaming.


Deadpool hearts you!

When learning how to write a script for a YouTube video, decide if you want to put down every word you intend to say or if brief notes will be sufficient for producing high quality podcast/YouTube episodes. And once you have your episode outlined, use a teleprompter to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Think the Teleprompter app sounds oh-so-awesome? Get it here!


How to Write a Script for a Podcast?

Your podcast should interest both you and your target audience. Use storytelling to connect better and add a compelling CTA at the end to guide your listeners towards your objective. Make your script as detailed or as barebones as you want it–after all, you’ll be the one using it as a diving board. Use our template to hammer out one right away.

How long is a 15 minute podcast script?

It shouldn’t be longer than 2000 words. That may seem too short, but you’ll learn to pack more content on a topic in the same amount of time as you go.

What are the 3 types of podcasts?

There are actually more than three podcast types. We list the most common ones below:

  • Solo
  • Interview (your Colossus)
  • Conversational (your Weasel)
  • Educational
  • News
  • Theatrical, like Welcome to Night Vale
  • Bite-sized/Limited run

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