How to use your Apple watch to remotely control our Teleprompter app

Table of contents

General instructions

If you have an Apple Watch the remote on the watch should work automatically. All you need to do is opena script on your phone and open the Teleprompter app on your apple watch. Once you opened a script on the phone or tablet, the remote options should appear.

On your watch you are able to start and stop the playback, scroll back, scroll forward, go to the beginning of the script and adjust the speed of the playback. In addition if you want to adjust the speed more precisely, you can do that with the digital crown on your apple watch.

What if the remote screen does not appear on your watch when you open a script?

There is a few reasons that could cause that.

  1. This apple watch is not paired with the device that you want to control remotely. Apple Watch remote is currently only available if you are trying to remotely control your own device.
  2. If it's your device, it's possible that there is a pairing issue between the two devices, in this case I recommend trying to restart both the watch and the iPhone.

If none of these solved your problem, please contact support for further assistance.

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