Teleprompter for Content Creators

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March 3, 2023
Teleprompter for Content Creators

Content has the potential to power up our imaginations. It doesn’t matter what form it takes, be it movies or blogs, or a YouTube scripted makeup tutorial. Its job is to rev up our neurons and take us on a time-and-life-altering ride.

However, all content journeys begin with hooks. And the stronger and irresistible that hook is, the stronger its grappling power will be. And that’s where teleprompters really shine. 

having eye contact

Where would the world be right now if Aragorn hadn’t turned around, looked at you with eyes half-crazed after a recent battle of wills with Evil, and delivered his iconic two-parter? Imagine all our revolutionaries and influencers off-scripting while trying to fire you up–doesn’t matter if their message pushes you to rebel or go shopping. They’d all sound like pre-therapy George VI and that wouldn’t convince anyone to do anything!

What is a teleprompter?

Conceived by Hubert Schafly in 1948, the teleprompter’s arrival made the use of cue cards obsolete–it’s why they’re also called Autocue. Simply put, these devices show presenters the text they need to speak. That’s so the presenter can form a more genuine connection with their audience and sound authentic and conversational simultaneously.

How are they used?

Teleprompter mechanics are simple but impressive. The mirrored version of the text that’s to be delivered displays on a monitor. Then, a beam-splitter glass reflects that text on another mirrored glass screen that’s right in front of the camera. That way, the reader can view the screen and read the text off it but it remains invisible to the audience they’re facing.

Why are teleprompters needed in content creation?

All video content has one objective, i.e., to successfully communicate with its viewers. And for that to happen, the message delivery must be engaging, smooth, and flawless. Long-form video content, such as YouTube videos or speeches, can be challenging to deliver without fumbling the words. Teleprompters help content creators deliver speeches effortlessly.  

Teleprompter apps come in handy during the shooting of video content. The speaker can read a well-written script without having to memorize it. They usually won’t have to do retakes due to fumbling their lines. But most importantly, they can focus on connecting with their audiences rather than recalling what their next line should be!

Benefits of using a teleprompter for content creators

Using teleprompters in content creation comes with various benefits. We mention two below:

1. Shorten your content creation turnaround time

Dramatically reduce the time you spend on recording content with a teleprompter. Now that you won’t need to memorize the script, you can speed up the production cycle. What’s more, the more retakes you take during recording, the more footage you’ll have to go through and edit. In other words, less slip ups to remove from the footage. 

2. Deliver enhanced content

Teleprompters are highly useful if you’re working off a script. So, when you make one for a video and stick to it during production, you’d be delivering your message in a concise manner. This gives you two more advantages:

  1. You know you’ll only have a limited amount of time. So, put it to good use to grab the audience’s attention in the manner best for it.
  2. Shorter time-to-shoot means you can spend more of it on crafting the best-for-your-target-audience script.

What types of teleprompters do content creators use?

Out of the three main types available, most content creators use software teleprompters. These nifty tools will display your lines while you’re giving a speech or presenting. Want to know how to use teleprompters that work on software? Easy; just download and install! Besides the ease of use, this teleprompter type has other advantages. For instance, it’s not as bulky as the other versions. That makes it easier to lug around everywhere–something travel IG users will appreciate while shooting on-the-go. Similarly, the software lets you set your scrolling speed so you can match the speed of your delivery.    

How can I choose the right teleprompter?

reaction on forgetting the script
Another cinematic moment or another opportunity to mess up without a teleprompter?

The kind of content you create is just one of the factors determining the type of teleprompter you should opt for. However, it’s an important one. If you shoot more on-the-go videos, for instance, the answer to how to choose a teleprompter for you will be: go with a smaller, compact or software-based version. That said, software-based teleprompters, like an app for script reading, are great for most content creators. That’s because:

  • They won’t occupy extra luggage space and aren’t heavy, so you’ll stay mobile easily
  • Download and set-up doesn’t take much time or require expertise
  • They’re reasonably priced, which is great for content creators with small budgets or who’re just starting
  • Users can control the scrolling speed

Use Cases

There’s all kinds of content out there, which means content creators also come in many different flavors! Let’s see how the best teleprompter makes their lives easier:


While most YouTubers don’t work off a script, they should. Here’s why: if they stick to a linear script, they won’t have to edit a rambling performance with multiple takes to make an awesome video. The editing process will be linear too since the structure will already be there. And that’s where teleprompters come in. With one, you can run a script and follow it during shooting. That way, you won’t have to do much but splice the good parts and ditch the rubbish during post-production editing.


You can find a podcast on even the most niche subjects out there. Most podcasters, however, will appreciate how teleprompters can come in handy during production. Have you ever played back a recording of yourself? Do that, and count the filler words you used. Trust us, there will be a lot! You’ll find the same results when you check for mistakes. However, podcasters will be able to reduce both and shorten production time as well as minimize costs with the use of teleprompters.


IG-mers who promote products frequently can benefit from the use of teleprompters too. They won’t have to memorize the product details each time. The chances of messing up the ingredient list–and angering a client–will be slim that way. 

IG-mers and influencers who have become brands themselves can focus on exuding charm and staying professional when creating reels and other content. Teleprompters can help them look composed and maintain eye-camera eye contact during such sessions.

Plus, if creating Reels feels like an endless chore, a teleprompter can help you create Reels faster, easier, and with less editing time. 


Newbie TikTokers may feel overwhelmed or be camera-shy. Often creators will give up after putting up a handful of videos because of the pressure of having to wing it. If they use the best professional teleprompter, that pressure would ease considerably. Having a script in front of them can feel like having a map that will take them to the finishing line. 

Corporate presenters/webinar creators

Live gatherings, like conferences where you must present or oratory competitions, are also good places to use teleprompters. If you know how long your script is, you can stay on-topic and track time to avoid going over the time limit much more easily. You also won’t repeat yourself when you need to recall your talking points! 

Webinar creators usually have to remember detailed information about the tech or scientific topics they’ll be talking about. Presenters, too, may need to know their business figures well if they want to present with accuracy. 

Online course creators

Since you’ll be working with fixed content, you cannot afford to miss out parts of it or pick the wrong sequence of events while teaching. For online course creators, it’s about giving students the best learning experience. And that’s much easier to do with the best teleprompters.

Voiceover artists

We impart so many clues and cues via facial expressions and body language. Voiceover artists must make up for those by really getting to know their scripts. But once that happens, they can also start to have fun with the material through tiny improvisations. Those small alterations can really bring the artists’ characters to life. However, that will only be possible if they have the certainty that they can return to the script whenever they need to. After all, with a teleprompter app, that’s literally true! 


Want to look your best and maintain contact with your audience when on camera? Then, use a teleprompter for content creators! They’re great for several reasons we’ve covered above. But to reiterate, you’ll avoid awkward pauses that disrupt the flow and make you look less than professional. They’re less pricey and reduce post production editing time, so you can produce more content more quickly. If you want to get started with one, you can download the app right here


1. Do YouTubers use a teleprompter?

YouTubers might seem to deliver spontaneous messages to their fans. Experienced and highly influential content creators appear to be looking at their cameras all the time. So, how are they doing it? That’s all due to the magic of teleprompters and scripting! Many YouTubers aren’t willing to put in the time it takes to produce scripts for every video. However, they do so when creating paid-for content so that they can remain on topic, succinct, and accurate. 

2. Is there an app that acts like a teleprompter?

Yes! The Teleprompter app for script reading for iPhone and iPad can transform your device into its eponymous tool. With it you can mirror any script on an on-camera teleprompter rig. You’ll find you can also shoot videos more easily since the text is conspicuous enough for easy reading and scrolls smoothly. 

3. How do you not look like you’re reading a teleprompter?

If you don’t want to seem robotic or even creepy, review the material and get to know it beforehand. Practice delivery while positioning yourself as if you’re looking into a lens. When practicing, try doing so in a speaking tone rather than adopting a reading tone. Opt for modular video-making to carry out quicker resets and take breaks throughout the process. 

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