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The Top 5 Teleprompter Apps for Mac

Teleprompter Team
October 14, 2022
The Top 5 Teleprompter Apps for Mac

Whether you’re a long-time Mac user or just picked one up today, you’re probably already in love with the interface. Its smooth and easy-to-use tools really let you release your creative side without being bogged down by controls. This is just not something you can say for most iOS apps for content creation, especially teleprompter apps.

So, let’s let look at the best teleprompter apps that work best with Mac. 

Why Use a Teleprompter App on Mac?

Sometimes using a teleprompter app on your phone isn’t enough. You need a bigger screen to sit further away from the camera without having to squint at your script. Teleprompter apps for Mac and iMac give you exactly that.

They also offer an inexpensive and convenient alternative to traditional teleprompters. Plus, unlike dedicated teleprompter equipment, these apps can offer a suite of video production tools to make video content even easier on your Mac. 

The Top 5 iOS Teleprompter Apps to Use on Mac

Discover the best teleprompter app for Mac with our curated list of the top 5 iOS teleprompter apps. These selections are tailored to enhance your Mac experience, providing both functionality and ease of use.

 1. Teleprompter 

best teleprompter app for mac

Teleprompter allows users to create and read scripts or lyrics with easy scroll control. You can even record your videos inside the app with filters that will make your content pop. Plus, the app allows you to mirror your script to use with real teleprompter equipment to look and feel like a real professional in front of and behind the camera, even from your Macbook or iMac. We are convinced that Teleprompter is the best possible option on the market if you want to take your video recording to a professional level.


  • Easy to Use 
  • Quick set up
  • Good for beginners and pros
  • 4k Recording
  • Works alongside professional cameras
  • Remote functionality with Bluetooth-enabled remotes


  • Short Trial 
  • $9.99/ month. 


This is a friendly app for beginners and experts with an easy-to-use interface. Between the mirroring options and peripheral options, it’s everything you could want in a teleprompter app. However, the cost means the user needs a consistent level of use to be cost-effective. 

2. SpeakFlow

Speakflow features software to scroll your script as you speak. It also allows you to self-record video content directly from your webcam. For those looking for a free teleprompter for Mac and iMac, you also have the option to utilize for a web-based teleprompter from the same service. 


  • Real-time voice tracking 
  • Free features and web browser option for Mac users
  • Simple video recording
  • Device syncing for remote 
  • Text Mirroring


  • Mirror and device syncing behind a paywall. 
  • Some reviews report bugs surrounding the voice tracking.
  • Simple features such as autoscrolling are behind a paywall

Overall, Speakflow would make a good tool for creating and using scripts without having to stay 100% on the script as you would with an auto-scrolling teleprompter app thanks the voice tracking feature. However, autoscrolling is locked behind a paywall which is rather annoying. 

3. Veed.IO

Unlike the other apps on this list, this teleprompter isn’t a dedicated teleprompter app. Rather, it offers a suite of web-based content creation tools which makes it the perfect one-stop solution for video creator beginners. This includes a teleprompter that you can use from your phone, tablet, or computer screen. 


  • Features a free teleprompter
  • Pro plans are reasonably priced
  • No installation required
  • Web-based format friendlier to Macs than mobile devices


  • A web-based solution that can be awkward to use
  • Very limited customization options 
  • Limited editor options


VEED is very impressive for a web-based tool. Its teleprompter functionality serves its purpose well as part of a suite of digital tools. However, the overall capacity of VEED falls short of the needs of expert creators. Which is fine for the beginning content creator, but lacks the potential for more serious content. Feel free to use this app to explore video production on your Mac or iMac, but you’ll want an upgrade later. 

4. Prompt+

Prompt+ is an app that can work on iPad and Mac. It offers users multiple options for how they control the auto-scroll of the teleprompter including keyboards and foot pedals. Plus, it includes a countdown timer to keep you from running over time. 


  • Bluetooth presentation remote capability
  • Pairs with other iOS devices
  • Stable 
  • Foot pedal compatibility for easy off-camera control
  • Configurable script text


  • Multiple reviews report a less-than-helpful support team
  • Awkward user interface
  • Even margins require awkward centered text. 


Prompt+ provides a simple teleprompter that would work well for beginning content creators, and is excellent for digital presentations. The voice track scrolling and foot pedal compatibility give professionals subtle teleprompter control when presenting in webinars or virtual meetings. However, reviewers report frequent bugs such as voice scrolling failing when the external microphone activates. 

5. VideoTeleprompter 

As the name implies, VideoTeleprompter is another video and teleprompter solution together in a single app to help content creators appear confident on camera.


  • Free features provide good utility
  • One-time payment option
  • Horizontal and vertical recording options
  • 4k Video recording for supported devices
  • Autogenerated captions


  • All content produced with free features is watermarked
  • Greenscreen features leave something to be desired with poor resolution


With the exception of a disappointing greenscreen performance giving poor quality backgrounds, VideoTeleprompter offers a video and teleprompter recording solution to record professional-looking videos and keep your eyes on the camera. Plus, the one-time purchase allows you to keep the premium features forever which makes it very cost-effective for any use. Perfect for users not looking to commit to a monthly plan.

Maximize Your Creativity with Teleprompter Software for Mac

Mac users aiming to enhance their video content creation can gain significant advantages from teleprompter software tailored for macOS. Here's how these apps do more than just display scripts, fundamentally transforming the video production capabilities of your Mac:

  1. Integration with Mac Features: macOS-compatible teleprompter apps are designed to work seamlessly with the unique features and capabilities of your Mac. This means smoother operation, better file compatibility, and a user experience that feels intuitive and natural for Mac users.
  2. High-Quality Video Recording: Some teleprompter apps offer integrated video recording capabilities, with support for resolutions up to 4K. This feature is particularly beneficial for Mac users who seek high-definition video quality, ensuring that the final content looks sharp, clear, and professional.
  3. Bluetooth Remote Functionality: The ability to control the teleprompter remotely is crucial for solo content creators or when you need to maintain a natural on-camera presence. With Bluetooth remote functionality, you can start, stop, or adjust the speed of your script scroll from a distance, allowing for smoother and more professional presentations.
  4. Script Mirroring for Teleprompter Hardware: Advanced teleprompter apps offer the option to mirror your script. This feature is essential when using your Mac in conjunction with professional teleprompter hardware, as it ensures the text appears correctly to the speaker while being invisible to the camera.
  5. Enhanced Productivity Features: These apps often include tools to improve your workflow, such as the ability to import scripts from various formats, quick editing capabilities, and customizable scroll speeds to match your speaking rhythm. This level of customization ensures that you can focus more on your delivery and less on the technical aspects of script management.
  6. Multi-Device Synchronization: Some apps allow syncing across multiple Apple devices. For example, you could control your MacBook’s teleprompter app using your iPhone. This ecosystem compatibility is a significant advantage for Mac users, providing flexibility and control across devices.
  7. Professional Aesthetic: By utilizing these features, Mac users can produce content that rivals professionally shot videos. The combination of high-quality recording, remote control, and script management elevates the standard of your videos, making them more appealing to your audience.

Every content creator has unique needs, and the teleprompter app for Mac you choose should align with yours. Whether you need advanced features like voice tracking and autoscrolling or a simple, user-friendly interface for quick setup, there's a Mac-compatible teleprompter app that fits the bill. Remember, the best teleprompter software for your Mac is the one that complements your workflow and enhances your creative process.

Final Thoughts on Best Teleprompter App for Mac

At the end of the day, this is nowhere near all the teleprompter apps for Mac that complement the look and feel of a Macbook or iMac. However, they are among the best that you can find. All you have to do is to find the one that works best for you. And with that, why don’t you start with the best? Try Teleprompter’s free trial today if you’re ready to take your channel to the next level.

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