Our Ultimate Supervillain-Endorsed Guide for Finding the Best-For-You Teleprompter App

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April 20, 2023
Our Ultimate Supervillain-Endorsed Guide for Finding the Best-For-You Teleprompter App

Imagine you’ve just defeated Metro Man and Metro City is yours for the taking. You decide to pay the metropolis’s biggest newsroom a visit. It’s time those under your yoke really got to know their ruler, after all. But once you arrive–by punching a hole in the ceiling, of course–you find yourself at a loss. 

Where’s the clunky, old-fashioned teleprompter? 

What’s the producer mean when he points at a newfangled appliance and calls it a portable teleprompter while fearing for his life?

How are you supposed to look every Metro City resident in the eye with that thing?

Is it going to display your lines so you can cement your authority and credibility as the new dictator? 

What’s it to you if most content creators, like videographers, Instagram influencers, and even business leaders use this teleprompter online to deliver flawless spoken content?

But before you consider the opportunity to deliver your overlord speech ruined, go forth and read all about what is a teleprompter and how it works.

Now you’re up to speed and ready to dip your villainous toes into public speaking waters, let’s continue:

What to Look for in a Teleprompter App

So eloquent, our Lord Sauron. Never misses a beat or messes up a line. Why? Hint: Teleprompter.

A quick App Store or Play Store visit will show you various teleprompter apps, including: 

  • Teleprompter Mirror 
  • Parrot Teleprompter
  • Bigvu Teleprompter
  • Teleprompter Pro

So many choices can make finding the one that suits your purpose and preferences difficult.

You could also leave everything in the hands of a free teleprompter online software with run-of-the-mill features, and wish for the best. Or, you could pick the right-for-you app and:

Pull off Earth-Shattering Reveals to Turn the Tide

Imagine you’re standing opposite to the bane of your existence–no pun intended. This supposed model of saintliness has dedicated their life to fighting your totally justified Quest for Power. You’ve perfected the swagger and it lets you glide right in front of them. The Fight to the Death is nigh. But at that moment, it’s time for the right words.

You want them off balance and you know just what to say to push them to the brink. Maybe you confess to being their father…or maybe, just maybe, you tell them everything they’ve known to be right IS A LIE! 

So, you start patting the pockets of your armor/suit/robe/what-have-you. Where is it? Where did I keep my speech? 

That almost never happens to villains who invest in the best Teleprompter app. Why? Because it keeps your already-prepared script safe. It also prevents you from having to retype–or memorize–all of it. You can store it in your Google Drive or Dropbox or type it in Word and simply import when the moment arrives. 

Dominate Every Superhero/ine-Supervillain Exchange 

Say, you’ve brought a city down on its knees with impressive feints and underhanded scheming. Now, all that’s left is for you to call out the so-called hero/ine and defeat them in one-on-one combat. You’ve braved the darkest dungeons, fought the most muscular troublemakers, and lived through events that have left you just a tad unstable. In short, you’ve been prepping for this fight all your sinful life.

So, you ask your henchpersons to set up everything, including the teleprompter. It will display a clever speech that’s bound to make that goody-two-shoes come running! But your dreams of oratory perfection die a gruesome death for a myriad of reasons:

  • Text so small you need to squint to see it
  • Unreadable font makes reading impossible

Clearly worded threats are the backbone of effective callouts. That’s why you need to opt for the teleprompter app for iPad since it lets you play with the displayed text’s size and placement and screen alignment until you hit the right-for-you combo.

Stay in Charge during Every Takeover

Khan knows how important a good turn of phrase is.

A teleprompter app would be no good if it doesn’t leave you in control! How can you expect to generate the same sense of boot-quaking fear with your words while worrying about losing your place in the script? The Teleprompter app comes with built-in autoscrolling, so it keeps pace with you. 

In addition, you can match the app’s scrolling speed to that of your delivery. That’s a highly useful feature for voice overs during commercials aka shoutouts to the Bank of Evil bankrolling your diabolical schemes.

Deliver a Quake-Inducing Speech on Every Occasion 

It may not always be about addressing cities conquered. Some baddies would like to wreak terror on a countrywide scale. Others may have minions positioned in different corners of the globe, almost ready to strike. When all your Taking-Over-the-World plan requires is a speech to rouse said minions into action, you wouldn’t want to be bogged down with details like does my teleprompter app work with their: 

You can’t be worrying if you have a teleprompter app for Windows vs. teleprompter for Mac  with a horde to motivate. The Teleprompter app, for instance, offers ultimate versatility since its iOS version is already out and the Android one’s on its way.


Humor--an important part of any good speech. Follow @thanoskeepsthebluesaway for more tips on public speaking.

Whether it’s your first public message fresh after a takeover or the umpteenth dictatorial decree, you can deliver flawless spoken content by using the Teleprompter app. Let those watching you feel as if you’re right next to them as you relay your next set of commands. 

With the best teleprompter app available, you won’t just be in control of the city, you’d also be in full command of your scripted speech, including the text style, location, and size. Don’t need it for a newsroom but a hostile takeover? Fortunately, Teleprompter also works as smoothly when you must deliver dastardly news over Zoom and Teams.

Happy villaining! 


What app can I use as a teleprompter?

The Teleprompter app ensures your speeches will go smoothly! That’s because it will display your script and follow your voice via auto-scrolling. Some of its other great teleprompter features include customized settings for the text displayed and scrolling speed. But that’s just the tip of the teleprompting iceberg. Find out more here.

How do you follow a script while looking into the camera?

It’s important to look into the camera so your viewers feel you’re having a heart-to-heart with them. You can make that happen without losing your place in the script by using the Teleprompter app. Open it on the device you’ll use to record, and the app will overlay everything else on the screen. That way, you can maintain eye-camera contact and still keep your script in sight. Visit the teleprompter website for more tips about teleprompting and content creation.

Is there a teleprompter in iPhones?

Even though your device doesn’t come with one built in, the teleprompter app for iPhone will satisfy your teleprompting needs. Since it’s a purpose-built iOS app, the software works equally well as an iPad teleprompter.

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