Prompting Perfection: Decoding What a Teleprompter is

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May 10, 2023
Prompting Perfection: Decoding What a Teleprompter is

If you’re a content creator, chances are you’re already familiar with teleprompters. However, if you haven’t read about or used one, get ready for us to blow your mind

Below, we’ll explain what is a teleprompter, it’s uses, and how it can make delivering lines oh-so-much easier! And hey, you know what? We’ll also throw in some killer jokes. How’s that sound?

Why can't Bruce Banner use a teleprompter? Because he always gets angry when he forgets his lines!

What is a Teleprompter?

So, let’s start with what is a teleprompter? It lets you, the speaker, look your audience in the eye while continuing to stick to your script! In other words, it makes you sound impromptu without having to think of everything on the spot. 

And that’s why content creators, like you, can use it to:

  • Stay on track and on-script
  • Remember their lines for them
  • Ensure they won’t forget to mention important things
  • Trim down the time re-shoots and edits take
  • Stick to their production timeline
  • Put all those extra minutes into promoting stellar content
  • Come off as confident and authoritative
  • Connect with their audiences on a deeper level

Doesn’t teleprompting sound magical? Want to know what makes them tick? We’ve got it covered! 

Where are Teleprompter Used?

Why would Dr. Jekyll have a hard time using a teleprompter? Because he can't decide whether to read the good script or the evil one!

Since there are various types of teleprompters, you may find different options out there, such as:

Want to find the best-for-you teleprompter? We can help you with that.

While the type of teleprompter used will depend on user’s needs, they are most commonly used for:

What Not to do when Using a Teleprompter

Why did Gollum struggle with the teleprompter? Because he kept saying "my precious" instead of the script.

Don’t know what not to do? The pointers below should help if you’re using a teleprompter for the first time: 

Lose Faith

The best way to ensure you come off as genuine while using teleprompters is to believe in what you’re going to say. You could be sharing tried-and-tested contouring tips or your best five reads of the year. But knowing your content will help your followers can make a huge difference! 

Stop Owning it

Go through the script before you press play on the teleprompter app. Even if you haven’t penned it down yourself, give it you touches. Shaping the words in ways you would say them should help smooth your recording sessions.

Get Real with Rehearsing

As we mentioned, rehearsing–or at the very least, reading–the script beforehand is a good idea. However, do so in real-time. That way, you’ll have an accurate idea of how long it’s going to take you to reach the end of the script.

Take Shortcuts

Being able to speak the words is crucial for any performer or presenter. So, if your script has terms that aren’t from your native tongue, practice pronouncing them beforehand. The same goes for English words you’re unfamiliar with. You don’t want to mispronounce someone’s name or bungle the way you mention a foreign-to-you place, date, etc. 

Use the Right Spell

Even the best teleprompter app can’t help you if you cannot get the words out! Our advice is to write out what you’re actually going to say, instead of focusing on the right spelling! Once you get into the flow of things, even the simplest terms could throw you off.

Some examples are:

Find more tips here!

Should I Use One?

Why wouldn't the Black Swan use a teleprompter? Because she's used to improvising her lines, even if it means going a little crazy.

Did all that talk about teleprompters make you curious enough to try using one? If so, we’ve got the best teleprompter app for iphone option for you right here. 

We recommend the Teleprompter app to newbies because it’s easy to use. It’s autoscrolling feature ensures you never lose your place in the script. 

It’s equally ideal for veteran content creators with features that let you access your scripts across devices and even when offline, remote control the app with bluetooth, and much more. 

Find the full list of its features here


Why did Tyler Durden refuse to use a teleprompter? Because the first rule of teleprompter club is... you do not use a teleprompter!

You’ll find different teleprompting options out there–from big and clunky to suave and even digital. But the best teleprompters are user-friendly, making content creation and presentation that much simpler, smoother, and faster. 

So, why not try using one today?


What is the purpose of a teleprompter?

If you’re looking for the answer to What is a teleprompter, it’s simple: a device that displays your script on a screen in front of you. The words scroll up as you speak, allowing you to complete your speech or performance, while maintaining eye contact with your audience. 

Is reading from a teleprompter hard?

It can be if you’re:

  • Using a free teleprompter app. Most of those don’t come with autoscrolling options, so you may mess up your recording if you lose your place in a script.
  • Don’t take the time to familiarize yourself with the script and are surprised by unknown sounding words, etc. 

Do actors read off teleprompter?

Most stage actors do since teleprompting keeps them from having to memorize their lines. News anchors, too. But since film and television drama actors usually don’t shoot in front of a live audience, they can choose not to. That said, Marlon Brando did use one when for his Oscar-winning role in The Godfather. What can we say? #telepromptersrock Impressed enough to sign up yet?

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